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How To Create A Firefighter Gallery Wall And Still Keep Your Homes Decor Style


How To Create a Gallery Wall For a Firefighter and Still Keep Your Homes Decor StyleI’ve collected a few things over the last few years that have to do with my oldest son being a firefighter and I wanted a place to display them, but I also wanted the look to fit with our homes decor. After my second attempt this is the look I’m going with. 

How to Create A Firefighter Gallery Wall and Still Keep Your StyleOur home is very hard to decorate with the high ceilings and an open floor plan there’s not many walls to add things too and the only available space to put it was the stairwell to the lower level (which is a level I’ve never shared here on the blog). My first attempt at putting this together was a hot mess in so many ways. I lived with it for about 6 months until I just couldn’t stand looking at it any longer and one afternoon I put my thinking cap on a came up with a plan. 

Firefighter Hero ArtFor me what worked the best on a descending wall was to place the largest items first on the middle section of the wall I wanted decorated following the same angle of the wall. Next I added the medium sized piece around the large pieces and last I added the small pieces as fillers to take up space.

How To Create a Gallery Wall For a Firefighter and Still Keep Your Homes Decor StyleTo give the space some interest I layered things, used dimensional pieces, and went with materials already found in our home (metal, wood, and greenery). I really wanted it to feel like it still flowed with our homes decor style so I picked the main elements: The Flag, Certificate, and His Number and worked around that to find a farmhouse style that would fit the home but also have the firefighter pieces. 

Firefighter Gallery WallThe American Flag you see was flown over the United States Capital building, requested by a Congress member, in honor of our son and along with it came a signed certificate. The flag and certificate were the inspiration for the gallery wall. We wanted a place to share how proud we are of our son and what a hero he truly is. 

Firefighters Gallery Wall

The more I played around with the pieces I decided a gallery wall could be made up of anything and still stay true to a homes style. The biggest thing I kept out of the design was the color red (it’s hard to find firefighter things that aren’t red by the way) and I think that’s what makes it all work. 


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  1. Dawn..you have some beautiful memories on your wall and you have displayed them well!!

    1. Jeanie it sure was hard getting a look that fit, but it seems to be working.

  2. Just. Fabulous. Bravo!

  3. Thank you for sharing. This is very special.

  4. Bravo. The wall looks great. From retired #23s wife!!?

  5. Hi I came across your post after searching “firefighter gallery wall” as my husband is a firefighter. We used to keep his fire stuff in the office, but people really like to look at it when they visit our house and I want to put it in the family room and while also keeping our “farmhouse” style. Thank you to your son for his service!

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