Firefighter Landing Zone Class

Firefighter Landing Zone ClassFor those of you who don’t know my oldest son is a firefighter and also an EMT, recently they did a landing zone class in the parking lot of our local high school and I was able to be there to take photos. The class included landing zone set-up and coordination, patient preparation, and patient loading and safety around the aircraft. 

Firefighter Landing Zone ClassThe chopper they were using had only been in commision for 45 days which meant it had all the latest bells and whistles. The helicopter came from our nearest hospital with a landing pad, to make the drive it would take over an hour to arrive, but the chopper left the hospital and landed in the parking lot in 14 minutes. As I waited for it to come in I was thinking to myself if I’d been there waiting to transport a loved one by helicopter that 14 minute wait seemed like a lifetime, but when I thought about how long an ambulance would take that 14 minutes could mean that extra time that’s needed to save a life. 

Firefighter Landing Zone ClassIt was quite interesting to see how the firefighters called in the location to the chopper of where to land, they gave them a visual of their location by telling them what was surrounding the area, where the power lines were and what direction they needed to come in from. The chopper circled the area once and then came in for landing. 

Firefighter Landing Zone ClassI was videoing at this point and let me tell you I ate more sand than I thought was possible. The blades whipped it everywhere, it even penetrated my clothing and I had sand inside my bra, my ears were full, my scalp was covered, and my lips (I was wearing lip gloss) felt like they’d been exfoliated. I couldn’t wait to shower and feel clean again. 

Firefighter Landing Zone ClassI don’t think many people know that firefighters are trained in more things than just putting out a fire, I know I didn’t until my son became one. It always amazes me how dedicated the firefighters in our small town are. They truly put community first in everything they do. 


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  1. Kathleen G says:

    I won’t be surprised if your son learns how to fly a helicopter too. A lot of responsibilities in his chosen career, God Bless him and his brothers.
    Keep warm and safe, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I think he’s leaning towards that. He’d love to do medical rescues and we are checking into what all is required. He has such a good job now, it may be hard going backwards for a while in pay for him.

  2. How wonderful for your son to be able to get this extra training, Dawn. And WOW on that sand penetrating your clothes!! Great photos, btw.

    1. Jen I had no idea I would be covered with sand….it was quite intense.

  3. That is such a super helicopter. State of the art for sure. Our best man 32 plus years ago was a firefighter. He has done everything and delivered a baby. Best wishes to your son. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Debbie my son is working in the maternity ward at the hospital for his next semester at school, maybe he can deliver a baby too.

  4. Thank goodness for firemen/ladies and helicopters…They save lives

    1. Jeanie yes they do and it’s amazing to see them all work together.

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