Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue Training

Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue Training

You’ve all heard me talk before about how proud yet scared I am every time my firefighter son goes into a dangerous situation. Well today was another one of those moments. On the coldest day of the year, below zero, was scheduled Water and Ice Training for the newbie’s of the team. I was hoping it would be rescheduled due to the frigid temps but my son informed me that rescues aren’t scheduled around the weather and at some point this may be the exact way a rescue plays out. Well, I guess he’s right but it all seems dangerous to a mom.

Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue Training

I decided I wanted to be there for the whole experience and I’m not sure if it was because I was scared to death by what could happened or if not being there would be worse on me. All kinds of horrible things were running through my head. All I could picture was he being dumped through a hole in the ice just big enough for a body to fit through, going under, and the current dragging him under the ice. You know one of those moments like you see in the movies.

Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue Training

I was so grateful to see the actually situation when I got there. The hole in the ice was quite substantial, large enough for several people to be in the water at one time, a retrieval rope was in place as well as rescuers on the other end manning the rope.

Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue TrainingAnd there he was in his bright orange suit bobbing on the water like a fishing lure, smiling the whole time. And there I was with my camera capturing every moment. Now if this comes to a real life situation I don’t think I’d be quite as calm, there’d be no planned moment and it could play out like how I’d envisioned.

Firefighter Water & Ice Rescue TrainingIt’s such a dangerous profession but he’s the type of person who’s good at what he does because he cares about the people involved, it just scares a mom beyond words. Every time that pager goes off and he’s toned to fire or accident I wait nervously by my phone waiting for the call saying he’s all right. Just think he’s only 21 so I have many more years of worry ahead of me, but I couldn’t be prouder of the kind and generous man he has become.


Fire Fighters Uniform
My Son The Firefighter


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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Practice, practice, practice, is what they do, for every emergency scenario. How proud you must be, your son wanting to help people in need. I know a few retired firefighters, always wanting to help out, in their blood.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen my son is just like his dad so I’m sure he’s learned it by witnessing. It’s just so scary for me but what choice do I have.

  2. Dawn, what amazing photos you were able to get. It is so scary to have your loved ones go out into a unknown situation. We don’t have ice thank goodness but we have the ocean. And I have the same feeling when he goes out. My husband and son are both Fireman and both are trained and are amazing at what they do. For me it’s more worry about what the people will do such as traffic, if they are on drugs and stuff. People are so weird sometimes. So like you I just pray each time they leave the house. Congrats to your beautiful son for doing what he does.

    1. Linda I agree the ones being rescued could be very dangerous people. They panic and you never know what they might do. Say thank you to your husband and son from me for all they do. It takes a special kind of person to be a firefighter.

  3. Yes, you can be very proud of your son and all others who put their lives on the line for us!
    Just this past week in our area, a man attempted to check out the ice thickness to go ice fishing and was rescued.
    Here’s the site if you’d like to read it.

    Thank God for Good Samaritans and dogs!

    1. Susan what a great article and a very luck man.

  4. My father was a full-time firefighter (before he retired, and is now deceased). Yes, they do have an extremely dangerous job. We lived by Lake St. Clair and I can recall the one year that they had a fire at the marina where boats were exploding and the motors and other debris falling all around those men. You can be very proud of your son and all of the others who risk their lives to save others.

    1. Debi I am very proud of him and didn’t realize what was involved until now. Thank you to your father too for all the years he served, it’s always a new adventure that’s for sure.

  5. Cheryl Major says:

    Hi Dawn,

    My husband is a volunteer fire fighter. where we live our comunity has only 170 residents. Our fire team does not do water or road rescue, But it is dangerous just the same. What a honourable job your son has ! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Cheryl good for your husband. It’s quite a job whether is’t volunteer or full time. I can’t believe all the training that’s involved.

  6. Dawn,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time, but have never felt the urge to reply to a post. However, this time I thought I’d share some thoughts on your son’s decision to serve others as a firefighter. Having served as a reservist in the U.S. Army and as a reserve deputy for the local sheriff’s office, I remember not being able to articulate exactly why I chose to do so at the time. Looking back over the decades, the reasons have become clear with time. I imagine I can understand some of your son’s motivations. From that frame of reference, I’d like to make the following comments: First, your son has grown up to be a fine, upstanding man. He has demonstrated through actions, not just words, that he has a strong sense of community, civic duty, and an unselfish love for neighbor. These are excellent qualities that are sorely lacking in this day we live in. Second, his actions reflect very favorably on his parents, who instilled in him these fine qualities. (So, his being a firefighter is actually your fault!!!) Third, and very seriously, that same upbringing that gave him his fine character has also undoubtedly instilled in him good, solid, common sense and the ability to make good decisions in stressful situations. Trust in him to do just that. Trust him, and continue to be proud.

    Please convey my “thank you” to your son for his service.

    1. Eric I am crying reading your comment. Thank you so much for the kind words it’s exactly what I needed to hear and Im so proud of who he is. I will pass this on to him, and please come back and comment again I so enjoyed reading your words.

  7. Wow!!….what would we do without the brave fire fighters who risk their own lives to save others…BRAVO!!!!
    and you took some fantastic photos!!!!

    1. Shirley I had no idea there was so much training involved until my son joined the department. It’s all quite interesting too.

    1. Linda yes I am but I wish he wouldn’t pick such dangerous things to do. LOL

  8. Our son is a full time firefighter in a major city in SW Michigan. He’s married with 3 children. He works 24 hours on..24 off. We don’t always know when he’s working. So, I pray that God puts a hedge of protection around him and the other firefighters. But, as a mom our boys are still tied to our heart forever!

    1. Lorraine I live in SW Michigan, where does your son work??

        1. Lorraine we’re 45 minutes apart, Im just south of you 🙂

          1. So you must be fairly close to the Indiana border. I really enjoy your blog. I read yours faithfully along with a couple other blogs. I like reading blogs that are down to earth and realistic as far as size of a persons home. I think I remember reading …did you home school your boys? My son and his wife in GR homeschool their kids. Have a blessed day….Lorraine

          2. Lorraine yes Im 45 minutes north of the border and yes I did home school and am so glad I did. They excaped the drama that goes on now. I would hate to be a kid in school these days. Did you get the snowstorm last night?

  9. Is this his full time job?

    I was thinking as I read this about the differences around the country regarding the dangers. Your son really deserves hazardous duty pay.

    1. Carol no it’s not his full time job but it may as well be he puts in just as many hours. Yesterday he did his day job, got home just in time to shower and get to school, got home from school at 11pm, didn’t even sit down and got called to a fire he fought until 4am, and was back at work again at 7 this morning. I guess being young is the ticket, I sure couldn’t keep up that pace.

  10. Yes we got a lot of snow. Schools here all closed for the day. We were out with ftiends tonight and the roads are fine. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Love your blog.

    1. Lorraine schools have been closed for 3 days here. My family all drives 4 wheel drives so alls good with us. Hubby and son had to cut a tree that went down over our road. No one could get out so they loaded up the chainsaws and removed it so snowplows and cars could get through. Have a wonderful weekend!

      1. You must really be out in the country. Schools were back in session today. We are having my grandaughter overnight from Saturday to Sunday. She wants to learn to sew so we are going to start a project tomorrow. She’s only 7 so will see how it goes. Sunday is church and then her brothers birthday party in the afternoon. Full but fun weekend. Have a blessed weekend…Lorraine

        1. Lorraine yes all dirt roads and they still were drifted shut in many places. My son made a queen size quilt by the time he was 10 so your granddaughter will be fine with sewing. Sounds like a busy fun time have a great weekend. I’m off to clean the chicken coop today while the weather is nice.

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