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Flower Containers For Curb Appeal


Adding Flower Containers To a Front Porch For Curb Appeal

I’ve titled the post “Flower Containers For Curb Appeal” and after doing that I got a good laugh. If you can see my flowers passing by you’re severely off track, you’ve take a joy ride through a field, across the stream if you’ve landed anywhere near my front porch. But if you are looking for curb appeal, adding a pot full of bright colorful flowers is one of the easiest ways to a add interest, color, and a welcoming vibe to your home. 

Flower Container Ideas For Curb Appeal

Summer Flowers in Containers

This year I didn’t even take the time to gather and plant my own flowers. I took the pots to a local nursery, told them the color palette I was going for, went to Pizza Hut for lunch, and when I returned my planters were full of beautiful flowers. All I had to do was give them a good watering when I got home. 

Did you know most nurseries will create stunning planter for you? I counted the number plants in each container and added up the cost. It would have been exactly the same dollar amount for me to do it myself, so I was pretty happy. No added expense for having someone else do all the work for me.

Porch Flower Containers That Bring Curb Appeal To Any Home

I think from now on this is the route I’m going. Get beautiful planters without having to do the work. I’ts not that I don’t like doing it myself but this was so much easier. I’m not sure what type of soil they used in the planters but they were light weight, retain the moisture when I water and the flowers have doubled in size in the last two weeks. 

From now on if I find a planter on Pinterest that I really like I’ll just save the photo, take it to the nursery, and let them put it togther. 

Summer Flowers In Containers That Bring Curb Appeal To Any Home

I’m sure I’m not the only person who does it this way but I felt pretty smart with the way I went about stunning planters this year:) And look at all that curb appeal!

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    1. Thank you Shirley it sure made decorating easy this year.

  1. No rebuttal from me about saving time and equalling $$ for a beautiful result!

    1. Thanks Lisa I must be getting lazy in my old age.

  2. Ha ha….Dawn, at 61, I’ve adopted the philosophy that it’s not “lazy”, it’s precision decision about what’s important! Store-bought flowers vs raising and tending from seed, etc., might infringe on my walkabout time, or swim time, or “me” time! It’ll still be beautiful, as your porch demonstrates.

  3. I used some od those old buckets too and loved the look. But you need drain holes in the bottom. Just drilled several holes close to bottom. Worked great!

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