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Flowering Pear Mystery Solved

Flowering Pear Tree |pinterest.com/dawncain/ |Twitter.com/CCainCabin | #FloweringTreesThe mystery has been solved about my Flowering Pear trees (If you missed the earlier post you can see it here). After doing a little research it looks like the time they flower is affected by wind temperature, heat, shade, and water. Apparently just because the calendar says spring that isn’t so with flowering trees. It depends on the daily air temperatures and how much heat each individual plant accumulates. This is why flowering pear trees in the front yard may bloom before those panted in the backyard (or vise-versa). 

The ones that haven’t bloomed yet are near our pond and I bet the air temp is cooler coming across the field and the pond than it is up near our home. The logs tend to radiate heat and I think the tree in the photo is getting that heat. I guess I can sleep easy now that the mystery is solved. The other trees will bloom once they’ve had a chance to warm up.



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  1. Good to have that mystery solved. Hope the other trees bloom soon.
    Just reading about your wild asparagus … don’t think I’ve eve seen any here but then again it isn’t something Ii would expect to find growing wild. Love asparagus when in season … so delicious roasted with a bit of parmesan sprinkled over it.

    1. Linda, I love it roasted too, my family likes it steamed so that’s how I normally fix it. But if I’m grilling I put mine on the grill to cook.

  2. Interesting! It is beautiful!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, yes it is I never knew this before. I figured it had something to do with our strange weather.

  3. That’s good news! Glad you found out.

  4. When I retired last June, summer began and basically it has been summer here ever since. Our flowers and trees don’t know when to bloom because with your wacky winter, we got wacky summer.

    1. Carol, the animals are even confused. My dog hasn’t shed yet and should have been about a month ago. Strange weather indeed.

    1. Thank you Yvonne with such strange seasonal weather I guess anything can happen.

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