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Football and Fall Dishes

Gingham Table Cloth in Fall

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:) I spent mine taking photos for the cheer team and at a high school football game. My youngest is in his senior year and is a star football player. The team won once again, so that means they will be moving to the playoffs. I am so excited for the kids they are making so many wonderful memories and some great game footage for those college recruiters.


Fall Table

I sure hope the weather holds off for the playoffs. So far it has been bitter cold and windy but no rain and I am thankful for that. Last season over half the games were in the rain, making it just miserable for the fans and for me it makes it impossible to capture photos. We live in such a small village that I am the yearbook photographer for sports. The good part about it is that I am welcome down on the field and I get lots of photography practice. I was so thankful for our heated mattress pad last night after the game. I was smart enough to turn it on before we left the house so I jumped right into a warm snuggly bed after the game.


Fall Tablescape

Not only is it football season, it’s the time of year to bring out all my pretty fall dishes. Soups, stews, and warm bread look lovely agains the rust and gold dishes. I think I must be a fall person, I enjoy the jewel color tones of fall, cooking in a crockpot, and eating warm hearty meals.


We had a heavy frost here in my neck of the woods and the last of my flowers are all brown and withered. It looks like I will be working in the cold this week trying to clean up the last of whats hanging around. My herbs are close to the house, and protected from the frost, so I can still use those and hubby picked the last of the strawberries last night. It looks like winter will be here before we know it.





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  1. Dawn,
    Oh how sweet your son is in football. My daughters did cheerleading and poms so we were always at the games. I loved being out in the stands. My husband loved football and I think was so glad his daughters were in cheer since we did not have any boys and he could be out there for the games. Great memories and with your beautiful photography I bet they love the pictures you capture. Your fall dishes are beautiful. Love the yellow plates and birds. So pretty.

    1. Kris, I am a sports person but my hubby is not so I am the one who enjoys the games and he just goes along. I have never seen a guy not like anything other than golf. My favorite is baseball and my youngest plays that too. Next year we will be in the stands watching college ball.

  2. Hi Dawn. Love that even though I have known you for a while now, I am still finding out new things about you!
    We love our heated mattress pad too. It has been coming on the past few nights. Love it!!! We are not cold yet, but pretty chilly at night.
    Love your Fall dishes. Mine are out too. I am for sure a Fall gal. My colors, and I hate to put it away for Christmas!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I like a heating blanket better but that darn mattress pad just won’t die. I am not as warm with the heat coming from the bottom, but it was so expensive I hate to throw it out.

  3. Love your fall photos. We had a bit of dreary weather recently and I’m not ready for the fall colors to disappear yet.
    Exciting for your family with football play-offs. My son played and he’s now grown up. My daughter just finished her last 7th grade soccer game yesterday. Although we are in the midst of cheering for our St. Louis Cards in the World Series, cheering for my daughter is most important!

    1. Dana, our colors weren’t very pretty this year they turned awful fast and never had the bright vivid colors like normal. Our son will play at the college level next year so we will be watching football in the big stadium. I do pics of the cheer team to, the girls are always so much fun. Thank for stopping in today!

  4. I just made chicken noodle soup yesterday and I made chili last week! Comfort food is on the menu every week around here. My garden needs cleaned up too. I know I need to get out there but would rather stay inside at this point. lol. Have a good week and stay warm.

    1. Ann, I can always find better things to do with my time besides clean out the garden, but I did do a little in the herb garden today.

  5. I so love hearing about your kiddos! I was always the Cheer Mom, so I was able to get down on the field and photograph the kids too. How I miss it 🙁 Those are some lucky cheerleaders, because I’m sure your photos are fantastic! I love these fall pics too, all of my favorite things! Have a great week, Dawn!

    1. Andrea, I love all the sports memories and the cheer team is always ready for a photo shoot. I will miss it when high school is over.

  6. anita roth says:

    Soooooo pretty Dawn!!!!!!! You are such a talented lady,

    1. Anita, you are too sweet! Thank you for stopping by:)

  7. They have a great photographer! Congrats to your son! How exciting for him. I love your fall plates

    1. Tammy, you are to sweet! I enjoy all the time I spend with the kids they are a great group:)

  8. Congrats to your son on another win!! I love those pretty dishes Dawn!
    Have a great week:)

    1. Thank you Martina, next year he will play college ball and I can’t wait.

  9. Pretty dishes. Good luck to your son and his team in the playoffs!
    I agree–my heated mattress pad is heavenly on cold nights!


    1. Pam, thanks for stopping in:) I sure hope they win Fridays game and I will be prepared with my mattress pad on. LOL

    1. Thank you for stopping in Shirley, I am excited to see how this Friday nights game goes.

  10. I haven’t started to clean up all my dead plants. We had a killing frost, too and I hated saying goodbye to them!


    1. Claudia, they do look dreadful all limp and slimy looking after the frost. It is Wednesday already and I still haven’t cleaned it up yet.

  11. Bravo to your son, proud mama!! How fun to be a part of it all as a photographer. Yes, I have seasonal dishes. I purchased some from Williams-Sonoma quite a few years ago and bought 20 dinner plates to start! They are brown transferware so I can use them all during the fall months. They make a lovely Thanksgiving table. I figured if I ever had more than 20 people I would use paper plates, however, heh!

    1. Barbara, wow 20 is a lot. I purchased Christmas dishes for me and for my mom when we combine them we have place settings for 32 it works out great for us but paper plates would be so much easier for the clean up.

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