Football Season & A Home Invasion

Football Uniform

The boys lost the game in the first round of the playoffs, it was bitter sweet for them and me. We will no longer be attending high school football, next year we will be watching our son play at the college level. As you can see by the photo he plays hard, his uniform is always the dirties of all the kids, he plays offense and defense and never has time on the bench. The last game was played in the rain which created a very muddy field but the boys love playing in those conditions. I was huddled up under an umbrella with my heated coat turned to high. I normally am down on the sidelines but this school said no photographers and no pics could be posted on any form of social media so it was the first game that I sat in the stands. 


Football Helmet

I decided I have a much better view from the sidelines, but it was also nice to sit with the other parents and fans and do a little chatting and a little insta-graming. I was glad to get into the truck and turn the heat on high for the drive home, it seems like it takes forever to warm up when you get chilled to the bone and that wet kind of chill is even worse. I was so glad when we turned into the driveway, it meant I could get out of the wet clothes and slip into my heated bed. But that all changed in an instant………….


Football Uniform

We have a very long driveway, at least a half mile long and as we approached the house we could see flashlights in the back yard. My oldest son jumped out of the truck, ran around back, and discovered we we being robbed. Our french doors were standing wide open and the robbers were quickly running through the field. Luckily we arrived at the exact moment they had opened the doors and they hadn’t even stepped a foot inside yet. Perfect timing for us, yet still scary and unnerving. We live in such a small town and everyone attends high school sports, making the homes of those people easy targets. So far 17 homes have been broke into and all while at football games. We never lock our house and our cars set in the driveway with the keys in them. I hate it when someone starts messing with our small town ways. My family lives in this community for a reason. We love small town life and all the perks that come with it such as trust. I have kids that come in and out of our house all the time even when we’re not home. They all know if they need a bed or a place to eat our home is always open. I refuse to lock these kids out, so now I just pray that statistics are correct, and a robber never hits the same house twice. 







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  1. So glad that you all are OK, scary things can happen when you walk in on a robbery. This makes me so sad, Dawn. We fight crime all the time here in the big yucky city and it’s awful. I hope your local sheriff can get some good tips and put a stop to it.

    1. Andrea, I have to laugh our town is so small there is no local sheriff, we have one officer that is not in most of the time. We never have crime so we have no need for law enforcement.

  2. Us too, although when we caught our house being cased once time I quit leaving my purse in my car and started taking my keys in. I feel sorry for someone who tries to invade our place while we are home…. I am pretty confident my husband would shoot first and ask questions later. Glad you got home in time not to enter to a mess.

    1. The same will happen here, shoot first and ask questions later.

  3. I’m so glad you all are safe! It could’ve been really bad if there had been weapons involved. We live outside of a small town here, but because of all the gas and oil industry here now, things have changed greatly. Our friends were robbed a couple of months ago while no one was home and it is such a violation of your space that really makes you stop and think how life has changed here. Take care.

    1. Susan, it is just horrible that life has to change. Im not sure why people think they can take things that don’t belong to them. Not only do they take things, they destroy the home in the process.

  4. I too, live in a small town, and have most of my life(except for a two year stint in Omaha Neb.) I grew up not locking doors and leaving the keys in the car.. We brought our children up in the same way. It is a wonderful way to live…… However, times have changed soooo much that we have had to start locking our doors. I HATE it… but unfortunately……

    1. Deb, It is all so hard to believe that in a matter of months our town has undergone so many robberies. I hate it and still don’t want to believe it will last.

  5. Oh Dawn how scary is that! I am so sorry that had to happen especially in a small town where you want to feel safe. Times are changing even in the small towns. So happy you got home at the right time to scare them off and they did not take anything. Wow just glad to hear you are ok.

    1. Kris, it is such a shame that even small towns are being affected by crime. I guess no place is safe any more.

  6. Dawn, I am so sorry. I am sure you were rattled by it all. Kudos to your son, sounds like a great season of football. Wishing him much success for his future!

    1. Kim, Im so glad they didn’t have a weapon or we may have been in trouble.

  7. ,
    Oh no Dawn, how scary! And violating! I hope you are right, and those idiots will never be back!!!! If they know what’s good for them, I doubt they will be.
    Your son plays hard, alright. I sure do miss high school sports. All three of our kids played. Volleyball and softball for the girls, and basketball for Drew. I miss it.
    Hey, find me on IG I didn’t know you were on too.

    1. Kris, I will look for you on IG:) What I put on there is strictly silly, but fun. I am missing sports already, it will be a while before baseball season starts.

  8. Scary to arrive home to that situation, but so glad that nothing was taken and they were scared off.
    The kids had a good run for football season but it is always sad to see the end.

    1. Linda, I was thankful they didn’t take anything, but it was very scary.

  9. I’m glad you are all safe – I’m sure it was very scary! Football is such a source of pride especially when you have a son playing – he sounds so dedicated and hard working. Our son is in the marching band so that makes the games fun for us except those cold, wet to the bone kind of games – those are the worst!

    1. JoAnne, Luckily we only had one wet game all season. I don’t mind the cold so much but the freezing rain is not fun.

  10. Yikes Dawn, how scary! That was some timing, and thank God they ran off instead of confronting! They are bound to get caught and put away (or worse) with that much activity, but it sure makes you feel vulnerable. Do I remember right that you have a dog? Just curious if that’s a factor in the homes being targeted (no dog around).

    1. Jeanette, yes we have a trained guard dog and she was going after them the minute the door was opened. Living in a log home it is so hard to hear anything with the walls so thick, you can’t even hear it rain so it takes someone opening the door before she heard it. I sure hope they think twice before coming back.

  11. Senior year is so fun but you are right…very bittersweet. I loved the years my kids were in high school and would go back and do it all again if I could! Happy Friday Dawn! Glad the robbers were scared away.

    1. Ann, I wish both boys could stay young but guess the reality is they are growing up and my life will change.

  12. Oh, that’s just awful!! That had to be scary…but I’m so glad you got home when you did, and are all safe.

    1. Susan, yes we lucked out now I just hope they stay away.

  13. Oh wow! I am glad you arrived in time. The nerve of some people; I can’t fathom it! So glad you are safe too!

    1. Tammy, it was perfect timing for us and I am glad they didn’t take anything or hurt anyone.

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