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Foraging For A Fall Wildflower Bouquet

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers

It was a nice day out, the sun was shining and the feel of fall was in the air; the perfect time to grab my little red wagon and forage for wild flowers. Yep, it’s that easy in my neck of the woods. Our fields are blooming with all kinds of color and texture right now and since I rarely leave the house these days turning to the wild was the perfect way to get a bouquet.

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers, Vintage Red Wagon

I found my vintage little red wagon at the resale shop a few years back and of course it had to come home with me. For $20 it was a great buy in my opinion. I use it around the cabin to haul things when I garden, move chicken feed, or am just to lazy to carry it myself.

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers

So off I went in search of anything that had fall color and great texture. I know they are just herbs and weeds but to me they are prettier than a store bough bouquet any day. I think with all that’s happening in the world right now; depression and uncertainty it’s good and healthy to appreciate the little things. Growing closer to nature is never a bad thing.

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers

I pulled the wagon down our long driveway and across the back of the property near the pond and clipped anything that appealed to me as I walked. I have no training when it comes to arranging flowers my method is to stick the big things in first and fill in around them with color and shorter flowers. Who knows if it’s right or not but that’s what I did.

Field of Wild Flowers In Fall

My favorite vases are old maple syrup buckets. My neighbor and maple syrup provider sells them when they start to get old so I grab a few from time to time to keep around the cabin. I swear every container I plant in the spring is an old galvanized bucket. I seem to find many uses for them; they come in quite handy.

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers, Vintage Red Wagon

When I pick a wildflower bouquet I normally keep it outside on the porch, in the landscaping, or near the fire pit area because of buts. Ya never know what kind of creepy crawly is hiding inside the fresh cut arrangement. I’d just as soon no have them crawling around my house. My biggest fear is dragging in a tick.

Foraging, Wildflower Bouquet, Galvanized Bucket, Wildflowers, Vintage Red Wagon

By the way those of you who asked for milkweed seeds; they will be mailed to you soon. I just picked the pods so I’ll get them packaged up and sent out soon so be watching for them.

How are you faring through the virus lockdown and is anyone else feeling on edge about our world? I have spent more time praying away the anxiety than ever before. If you are also having trouble coping know you are not alone and I will add you to my pray list if you’d like. Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thank you Dawn I’m so looking forward to receiving the milkweeds seeds. I love the bouquet of wildflowers. I always find you do the nicest things with the simplest things. I too am praying everyday for our country. My anxiety seems to be very bad in the morning. I do enjoy receiving your post in my email, truly lifts my spirits.
    Have a blessed day.

  2. The flowers are so pretty I have started pulling up the dead flowers and putting away lawn stuff while they are good and dry. can’t wait for 80 degrees today as it is my kind of weather. have a fabulous day!!

  3. Debbie Lorson says:

    I can’t wait to get the milkweed seeds. I too have such fear over what lies ahead. Prayer is really all we have.

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