Freezer Cookie Dough

Twice a month I gather all my baking supplies and whip up enough cookie dough to last for two weeks at a time.
Normally that means 400 cookies of different varieties.
 As I was measuring and mixing I wondered it anyone else made cookies the way I do????
I bake nearly every day and don’t want to get all the ingredients out
and contend with the mess.  So what I do is mix up several batches 
at a time.
 I place as many as I can get on my baking sheets and pop them into the freezer for a couple of hours.  When they are firm I put the into
zip lock bags and label them.  It is so easy then to just place as many cookies
as you want onto your cookies sheets and bake.
 This is so much easier than starting from scratch every day.  Every once
in a while one of the kids is in the mood to help…..just because
they want to eat the raw cookie dough, but I will take all the
help I can get.
Now to sit back and enjoy a few cookies.  I am thinking all my
baking may be the problem behind my figure.
If I could just bake them but not eat them:(  
No such lucky though.


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  1. Wow, that’s a whole lot of cookie baking! And what a clever way to make it more efficient. Nothing beats a nice warm cookie right out of the oven!

  2. Hi Dawn,
    YUM!!!! Great idea. I love to bake too but then I want to eat all the sweets too!!!!

  3. What a clever idea! Every once in a while, okay all the time, I have a craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies, but I don’t have the time or inclination to make a big mess. Your idea is perfect for me. I can bake just a few cookies to satisfy my very sweet tooth.

  4. That is an EXCELLENT idea ! I have to ask – will you give us your recipe for the cookies pictured ? I have tried hundreds of recipes , trying to find a cookie that doesn’t totally FLATTEN out as it bakes…I have not been successful and your cookies look perfect – no flatness at all ! Perfect little ‘chunky’ cookies ! Will you tell us your secret ??

  5. I don’t bake for that very reason. I would weigh 300 lbs if I did. I can’t help but eat them if they are in the house. Bad enough that being so sedentary all of winter has packed on the flab plus age doesn’t help. Now I am back to walking daily and hope it comes off even though I have never been a small person.

  6. Dawn, do you make one large recipe and then just add different tummies to it or make several different recipes?

  7. Well that was Freudian…I was asking about adding yummies and it came out tummies. I guess either way we know where the calories go!

  8. You are so smart Dawn. CC and I love raw cookie dough. It is not safe around us. When she studies for exams she sometimes goes and buys cookie dough.

  9. Wow! That is very impressive! I love cookies and have now found a friend at work who loves them too. If I make a batch, I take us each two cookies a day for about a week, then I take a few weeks off. The only problem is when my family starts taking them to friends too. 🙂



  10. I’m that way with my homemade cinnamon swirl bread. I tell myself every week that I will NOT give into the warm, gooey, freshness of it all, but it never fails to sweep me into it’s deliciousness and then before I know it the kids and I have finished off half a loaf already! It doesn’t go well with the low carb diet I’m supposed to be doing, lol!

  11. We usually only make and freeze extra cookie dough around the Christmas holiday, but this is so smart! I don’t bake as often as I’d like because of contenting with the messiness, but this is a great solution. I want cookies now! 🙂


  12. Those cookies look yummy! That is an excellent idea!!!

  13. Excellent idea. I wish I would have know this when my kids were still home…back then I didn’t really have time to bake but this would have made it doable. Great post with lovely photos!

  14. So organized!

    Well I love fresh baked goods, but then I have been on a break for a year with the kitchen remodel.

  15. Those certainly look yummy! Yep, I used to bake like you when my kids were home. I baked and did a bunch of advanced cooking that could go into the freezer — did this once a week. One big mess and lots of yummy food all ready to put together very quickly on those super-busy days!


  16. Great idea – I try and do this with some slice & bake cookie dough recipes I use. I bake one roll and freeze the other. Will have to give this method a try – hard to keep up with my 3 boys though and all the eating they do…

  17. I have been doing this for years! When I am in the mood to bake that’s what I want to do and when I am busy with other things but still want that just baked taste there it is in minutes! My girlfriends think I am crazy because my freezer is my best friend. I usually have any number of meals in there as well for the same reason. Keep up the great ideas and thank you.

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