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Fresh Michigan Cherries

It’s Cherry picking time here in Michigan, and we are lucky enough
to have friend with trees that are loaded.
We have a fruit orchard that we planted here on our property 3 years ago, but the trees are not mature enough to be producing fruit yet.
 Lucky for us our friends sent out a message to come pick before the birds got them all. 
Hubby did all the picking, brought them home and washed and remove the pits.  We ate several and before they went bad we made the rest into
cherry jam.  
It will taste delicious this winter on warm bread.

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  1. I have never gone cherry picking, but I love to do cherry eating. Right now the Rainiers are all over the grocery stores and Farmer’s Market.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I remember loving cherry picking time when I grew up in Michigan. Yum!!! Brings back great memories. They are so delicious right now.

  3. We used to live in Boise, Idaho, and loved going to the orchards to pick fruit – cherries and peaches especially! At pennies per pound I would be able to can many jars of fruit for the winter. My husband called canned cherries “bone sauce” – an old midwestern term 🙂

  4. Hi Dawn! Oh, I love cherries and these are just gorgeous! Are they as sweet as they look?
    Lucky you, I just have to buy them at the grocery store.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  5. I love fresh cherries and used to go picking when I was a child. I bet your jam is delicious. xo Laura

  6. Dawn
    Cherry jam-I’ve never had it.
    Sure sounds good!
    Our son and family just sent
    photos from Traverse City’s
    Cherry Festival.

  7. Gosh Dawn your photos are a treat just like the cherries.

  8. How well I remember Michigan cherries! Nothing like them.


  9. Cherries are my fav. They remind of my Grandfather so much. Those look delish!

  10. I don’t know why, but I have not seen your updates on my blogroll. I just caught up. Those cherries look so good. I would eat them til my tummy ached! I need a pitter!!! Do you use one?
    Those cars are beautiful!!!!!
    Loved the half of a melon with flowers inside. What is new? Where have you been? I miss you.
    xo Kris

  11. Lovely! Tried the DIY lamps…Despite intense heat, there must not have been enough sun…sad!
    Maybe I should add a few more on the porch (tried with a couple).
    All the best,

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