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Front Porch Using Black, White, Yellow & Tan

IMG_0402The theme for this year’s porch is black, white, yellow and tan. If you remember in an earlier post I told you about purchasing new cushions in a neutral tan for my existing brown faux wicker furniture so all I had left to do was find outdoor pillows in the colors I was looking for.  


IMG_0414Well that was a challenge in itself. Why do I decide to go with colors that I can’t find anywhere and why do I insist on sticking with those colors when they apparently aren’t popular this year? (But I know those colors must be in style because my friend Shirley informed me that the HGTV porch was using the same colors). 

Front Porch Using Black, White, Yellow & Tan

IMG_0424After looking in several stores I finally gave up and decided to make my own pillow covers. Making them truly is a better idea because covers store much easier than 8 new fluffy pillows. So off to Joann Fabrics I went with coupons in hand. 




I must say making them is much cheaper than buying and I found the fabric colors I was hunting for, so I guess it was a win win situations. I did purchase the yellow pillows and the black and white one you see on the adirondack chair. Here’s a tip: I use regular size bed pillows as my forms for 20X20 pillow covers. I never pay over $3 for the pillow so it makes the project much more affordable, and you can see the slipcover is filled out nicely and looks fluffy and full. 




I decorated with all those ferns I purchased at Home Depot and gave new life to my pots with spray paint (more on that in an upcoming post) and added rocks to a large pewter bowl for a bit of a sculpture effect. 




I really wanted hubby to hang our swing from the ceiling of the porch but so hated to cut holes in it, it is new after all, and I think if we decide to sell it won’t look too good so I decided to keep the swing frame even though I don’t like it. Every time we get a storm it blows off the deck, even though it’s extremely heavy so heavy and awkward I need help getting it back into place. I think we’ve decided to anchor it to the deck floor to avoid it toppling over again. Also the swing makes into a full size bed and if I get rid of the frame it can only be a swing. 



Next we will be doing the concrete walkways and landings, pressure washing the house, and adding the shutters. I’ve created the look I’m going for by photoshopping in the concrete, trim colors, and shutter so I’ll be back to ask your opinion on that here soon. Oh, I’ve also planted grass seed in the bare area you can see. It’s where we changed the landscaping last year and the weather is finally right for growing grass. 


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  1. Your porch looks fantastic. I love the choice of colors. We women always have so many projects going. Thanks for sharing it and soon I will send you my pictures of my “she shed” project. The weather here has been difficult with many storms and tons of rain.

    1. Debbie we’ve been hit by a ton of rain too. I wanted to mow today but no chance of that. Can’t wait for your photos 🙂

  2. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, I love the colors, very restful. Love how you fixed up the porch, especially when the swing turns in to a bed too. Your beautiful dog is your sentinel, guarding the homestead.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen yes that darn dog seems to get into every shot, lol. I put a new cushion on the swing this year and saved the old one for her, she uses it as her bed on the porch.

    1. Linda I’m glad now that I did it but always dread the sewing part.

  3. Oh you made a smart choice in the colors and in making your own pillows..such a beautiful custom look!….Yes, I so loved the HGTV Smart Home porches and the colors Tiffany chose….It is a fabulous color combination that takes you from Spring and into Summer with such ease!….So bright and cheerful!!!…Your porch is coming along so beautifully!!!

    1. Shirley I’m hoping the colors will carry me through the seaon, I don’t want to store so many if possible so I’m already thinking up ways to make them work for all and winter.

    1. Thank you Judy now it the weather would realize it’s supposed to look like summer.

  4. You picked perfect colours and the fact that you made them yourself and saved money is a bonus !

    1. Cheryl yes I did save a ton of money but I was dreading the making process, but it went quickly and I made them all in one afternoon.

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  6. Lovely results, and LOVE your German Shepard (I’m a sucker for dogs) ! Enjoy Spring, Summer and hopefully a gorgeous Autumn on the porch.

    1. Lisa, I love animals too. That German Shepard has passed away so now we’re pet free, but I am looking into getting a Maine Coon Cat.

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