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Rustic Galvanized Bucket of Wildflowers and Gladiolas

Rustic Galvanized Bucket Floral ArrangementHere’s a little mix of elegant beautiful Glads along with wildflowers and Popular branches all inside my favorite galvanized sap bucket. There’s a special story surrounding these Gladiolas; I happened to stop into a family owned floral shop the next town over looking for some greenery to use as part of my fall decorating (I know I know I said I wasn’t going to decorate for fall, but I changed my mind and I am but it’s going to be very simple and I’m using nature and what I already own) the place didn’t have what I was looking for but as I was leaving the owner handed me a bunch of glads and said she’d like me to have them.  

Rustic Mix of Gladiolas and WildflowersI was shocked and asked her if she was sure. She said yes, take them home and enjoy them. I was so excited, I thanked her and commented on how sweet she was and all the way home I was thinking of how I’d display them. There was 5 glads in the bunch and I knew I’d need to add more of something to the bucket to fill it out and make it nice. Of course my wheels started turning and I decided to raid our field to come up with my fill flowers. 

Rustic Farmhouse Gladiola and Wildflower Bouquet in a Galvanized BucketAnd that’s just what I did, I went crazy cutting what was growing wild I even cut a few Popular tree branches to add in the arrangement. I decided the more stems I stuffed into the bucket the better the glads stood up, so I kept stuffing until everything was tightly packed. I just love the burst of color it give off. Since so many of the wildflowers had bees, ants, and other insects on them I decided the bouquet would work best on the porch. I can enjoy it while I’m sitting out there in the evenings. 

Rustic Mix of Gladiolas and WildflowersYou know there are times I think the whole human race is the pits but that day it brought a smile to my face and felt good to find a sweet, kind woman who was looking to brighten my day. It’s so nice to run across those type of people and I feel they are so few of them sometimes and it came at a time when I needed it most. 

Rustic Farmhouse Gladiola and Wildflower Bouquet in a Galvanized BucketI think this will be my last summer post as I’ll be moving on to fall decorating. I’m going very simple this year so I hope you enjoy the rustic look because that’s what I’ll be doing. I really want to enjoy the decor and not make it feel like a chore to decorate. 

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  1. I don’t know what is more beautiful the floral arrangement or the story. I feel the same as you about humanity, its an ugly thing but once in a while you get that one glimpse of beauty among all the ugly. That is what I hold onto. I am also like you with the decorating. Fall is my absolute favorite season so I must decorate but I am so done with the excess of it all. So I am super excited to see how you decorate. What colors are you leaning towards this year?

  2. The flowers are beautiful!! The sweet lady that gave the flowers to you had no idea how so many of us would get to see them and enjoy them!

  3. Kathleen G says:

    How wonderful Dawn! There is generous and kind people in this world, gives me hope:). Beautiful arrangement in your sap bucket. You have some Autumnal decor that fits perfectly in your cabin home:).
    Have a beautiful day, Kathleen in Az

  4. I’m beginning to think people are to busy spewing hate and destroying things. But, flowers dispel that thought if only for a short time. Your bouquet is soul warming. Thank you.

  5. Nancy cox says:

    The arrangement is glorious

  6. The arrangement is beautiful. I keep a blue canning jar full of flowers n my porch too. It’s nice to come home and have them right next to the front door and I too enjoy them when sitting outside. How nice that we can still make someone’s day with a smile and a handful of flowers. Thanks for sharing your flowers and your story.

  7. When you least expect it, there is someone that comes into your life to brighten your day. I think we should all strive to make a point to make at least one person feel special and promote that act of kindness every day.
    Your arrangement is beautiful and I agree with you on the effortless and simple Fall decor. Have a great day Dawn!

  8. The flowers are gorgeous! If we all treated each other with a little more kindness just think of the ripple effect it would have. Hugs,

  9. Laura Harrie says:

    The beautiful flower arrangement in your sap bucket makes coming and going from your door special. Looks great, glad you stuffed the bucket!

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