Garden Ghost’s

No ghost’s, just drop cloths.  We have had heavy frost in my area the last two nights and I am trying to squeeze every piece of fruit and vegetable out of my garden for the season.
Thankfully everything has survived so far.
My plants are still loaded with green tomatoes.
And the second batch of beans need a little more time to grow.
So ghost’s in the garden will stay for a while loner.
As a last resort, I will pull all the tomato plants and hang the from the rafters in the basement until they turn red.

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  1. Oh my Lawd!..heavy frost
    (that’s ghostly scary)..
    that is amazing,we are still trying to hold onto summer here,teehehe,but temps dropped into the 70’s.

  2. First I thought you were decorating for Halloween. Then I thought it was the chance of frost. Then I went back to the idea of you decorating. Too funny. Your tomato plants look great. I should send you a picture of my one plant. It has 3 tiny tomatoes on it.

  3. Dawn
    So glad you had warning, so you could act.
    It does look ghostly-probably more so at night!
    We would put our green tomatos in a brown paper bag to ripen. An older neighbor told us this, and it works!

  4. Yup, I had the same white roofs this morning too Dawn. Your tomatoes do look fabulous.

  5. Oh boy. I am so not looking forward to cold weather!! When we got home yesterday, I was able to harvest lots of tomatoes, but I still have quite a few green ones. I hope I have a little while longer until the frost comes…

    Have a great day!

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