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Garden Harvest #1

So far this is what’s producing in the garden.
“Beans and Zinnias”
 I live where we have had extreme heat and no rain.  
I do water every night for about 3 hours, but nothing makes a garden grow like a good ole soaking from the rain.
I am loaded with candy colored zinnias, they are so beautiful and last forever after they are cut.
 The beans are on tonight’s dinner menu.
How is your garden doing?

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  1. No beans this year, but I do have zinnias. And tomatoes, broccoli and kale. I don’t know how anything grows w/ this extreme heat! Miracles! Love your pictures, and I SO enjoyed catching up with you, Busy Girl!! -Tammy

  2. Ours is doing quite well. Lots of rain this past week after being so hot and dry. We have eaten lots of beans. Now I will need to freeze some or give them away. Tons of tomatoes coming in, too. I need to grow some zinnias.

  3. We have zinnias in the front, they’re doing fine. The veggies and impatiens are hangin’ in there, but everything else is struggling. We need rain desperately! Your beans and zinnias look healthy!

  4. I don’t know how my garden is doing. I can’t get out there! But your garden has given you some real beauties.

  5. beans look yum….i just love fresh veggies

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