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Garden In a Bag All Grown Up

I have had many questions wanting to know how the veggie garden in a bag has turned out. Answer:  Great, I will never plant a garden any other way.  Everything is producing abundantly and the best part about it all is:  NO weeds.  All I have done is watered and picked. Love it!!!
 Tomatoes ripening
 Peppers ready to pick
Green beans
I pulled the beans and cucumbers today and replanted, they were done producing and I have time for another planting. If you missed the original post telling where to get the supplies and how to create a Veggie Garden in a Bag click here
Thanks for asking everyone.

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  1. I had missed this Dawn on your original post, what an great concept for a yard in progress. I didn’t put in a garden this year and I miss it. I’ll keep this in mind for next year.

  2. Dawn, you go girlfriend!…that green thumb is so bright I can see it from southest Georgia.
    Have a very fun happy weekend.

  3. What a cool thing! Looks like it worked perfectly. Now go enjoy some yummy veggies!

  4. Looks fab Dawn! I am going to try some bags along with my raised beds next spring.

  5. Everything looks green and healthy! We just replanted some green beans yesterday. Love all your outfits for this week, and your hair looks good a little longer. When do you have time to make all your jewelry?

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