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Garden Inspiration ~ 50+, Ideas, Tips and TricksAre you in the mood for a little gardening? Today you can get your garden fix right here. Below are over 50 fantastic garden ideas, tips and trick you won’t want to miss. For me this is one of the best times of the year. I love planning my garden as well as planting and tending to it. There’s nothing better than veggies and fruit straight from the garden. It’s such a rewarding feeling and being close to nature is something I always enjoy, it’s a peaceful task for me. 

Garden In a Bag ~ Great for Small SpacesOne of the best ideas I have ever had was my “Garden In A Bag”. I have tried several ways of planting a garden and the deer always seem to find it and eat it right down to the ground, so if I plant it in bags close to the house they don’t bother it. I purchase inexpensive bags from Ikea and fill them with potting soil, the markers also are cheap at Ikea. Lucky for me we have a huge stockpile of dirt that came from digging our pond so I use that every year. My son brings me a big scoop with the Bobcat bucket and I shovel it into the bags.

Garden In A BagI make sure I position the bags near the garden hose and on the side of the house that gets the most sun. Also with them being close to the house they get the heat radiating off the logs and I’m able to keep the garden alive longer into the fall without the risk of frost. For me all I have to do is step out my kitchen door, turn on the hose, and give them a quick daily watering. If I remember halfway through the season I give them a little fish emulsion for fertilizer. It’s quite remarkable how much you can grow in a bag. It keeps my family stocked with fresh fruit and veggies all season long. 

Garden In A BagThis is a great way to garden if you are limited on space, live in an apartment, or have a balcony. You could even put the bags on a table to save on bending over and hurting your back. Another great thing is you don’t have to weed, that in itself is so worth gardening this way. I have also used children’s plastic swimming pool for a garden and that worked fantastic too. Planting season for me is that last week of May or first week of June and I am ready to get started.

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    1. Thank you Debbie, we are a great group 🙂

  1. I have trouble with Lulu digging up plants in the garden, but she is growing up. I would be in tears if the deer kept eating all my efforts.

    I love the bag idea.

    1. Carol I bet you could use this method and rope it off from the dog.

  2. Dawn,
    This is great. This way you do not have the deer eating all your efforts. This is a great solution.
    You are so clever girl.

    1. Kris, it works for me and it’s so easy I don’t mind gardening at all.

  3. I grow all my veggies in large containers, haven’t tried the bag idea yet but have seen it in numerous places. That will be my next challenge. I just did a post today about growing potatoes in large storage tubs on my plant tables.

    1. Linda, the containers make the work easy don’t they? Potatoes can grow in anything, have you ever tried them in a garbage can?

  4. I’m thinking more about getting out and digging in the dirt. The weather is warmer but we’ve had so much rain! Maybe tomorrow? Great idea with the bags. Dirt is one thing we have plenty of! I plan to show John your post. He’s the veggie gardener and hates to weed. This would be a good remedy for that.
    Happy Gardening!

    1. Dru, I hate to weed to so this is the perfect solution and we can grow just enough to eat on all summer long with no waste. I do purchase tomatoes to can but other than that we grow what we eat.

  5. Dawn, your tip about growing things in bags is such a good one. I firmly believe people should start growing as much of their own food as possible, and growing things in bags is such a practical way to do that! Hurray to NO WEEDS! Pinning!

    1. Jane, I need your Leo he is such a wonderful gardener with great tips and tricks. Send him over sometime will you? LOL

  6. I am LOVING all this great garden advice!!!! If you ever need a stand in give me a shout out! What a great group of women!!!

    1. Yvonne, I will definitely keep you in mind. Thank you for the offer.

    1. Claire, as soon as our weather warms up I am going back to the bag method. I hate to weed so this works out perfectly for me!

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