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This is Why I Have Garden Nippers in my Purse

Wildflowers | Creative Cain CabinWonderful thing happen to those who carry garden nippers in their purse. My hubby and kids think I’m crazy for toting everything but the kitchen sink in my purse but for me it turns out to be a beautiful thing. Just look at the flowers I cut in the roadside ditch. Carrying around that heavy load on my shoulder was well worth it.

Black-eyed Susan | Creative Cain CabinThe sweet peas are just about over for the season but the black-eyed susan’s and queen ann’s lace are just littering the ditches. I have to confess I can’t quite figure out why I haven’t been in an accident yet, I spend more time sight seeing for wild flowers than I do keeping an eye on the road. 

Galvanized Bucket of Flowers | Creative Cain CabinI can tell you what’s growing in every field and ditch within 30 miles of me but can’t remember what I drove to the store for. Clearly you can see what’s important to me. I never pass up an opportunity to cut wildflowers, that is unless hubby is driving. Sometime I yell STOP and he just gives me “THE LOOK”.

Wildflowers | Creative Cain CabinNow if it was a tool sale or equipment sale he would be all for stopping. I’m beginning to think he has his priorities all wrong. What do you think???? stopping for flowers or stopping for tools? For me it’s an easy decision.



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  1. He sounds like my hubby. I get the look, too when I see a shop to stop at. Definitely the wrong priorities. I wish I could find wildflowers like those here. I think the Queen Anne’s Lace is over here.

    1. Kim, I learned if I am on a mission it’s better off sometime to leave hubby at home. LOL

  2. Love that picture Dawn. That would make a perfect card. So pretty. Love all your road side finds. They are gorgeous. How pretty to drive and see these all growing along the road side. Love the bucket you put them in too. Perfect!

    1. Kris, maybe I will have to print some of those pictures.

  3. You sound like me. when I give directions I mention the huge oak tree on the corner or ‘you know that gorgeous white cherry that blooms every spring?’. :o) The name of the street or what building is on the corner can never stay with me but I can tell you what their landscape looks like!

    1. Jen yep that is me for sure lol. I’m surprised I haven’t ended up in the ditch with all my gawking.

  4. I think his priorities are definitely wrong. Unless he is buying garden nippers and metal buckets of course. xo Laura

  5. Beautiful flowers! I sometimes carry them on a walk to pick interesting things to put in a floral arrangement!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I wonder why my purse is so heavy and now I know why.

  6. I would be the one yelling stop for the tool sale as well. 🙂 Your first sentence had me smiling, I too carry garden snippers with me. Typically I use them to get cuttings to make starts of plants. (only non-patented types)

    1. LOL, Cracking up at you wanting to stop for tools. I like old rusty stuff but not the type hubby is looking for. Hubby tells me every time I stop to cut flowers that it’s illegal but I ignore him.

    1. Barb just a forewarning once you get a bigger purse it collects more junk.

  7. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    You need to straighten out his priorities for him Dawn..lol..unless he is stopping to buy tools to help you cut the flowers..lol..I have enough wild flowers here that I don’t have to go searching for any..

    1. Nancy I’ve tried to straighten him out but sometimes its just impossible. LOL

  8. Hahaha! Oh stopping for flowers, hands down!
    I know all about “the look,” and the “eye roll” i get them everytime I yell STOP!

    But yes, stopping for flowers and junktreasure is the thing!

    Don’t ever STOP for flowers!

    Many blessings my friend,


    1. Yolanda I think my hubby is used to it by now, so he just lets me do my thing and hopes no one is watching, lol.

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