Garden Seeds have Arrived

I had a delivery today, the first batch of my heirloom garden seeds.
 I can’t wait for the ground to warm up enough to plant. I think I will put the peas in right away, they can take the cold nights we will still be having.

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  1. Lucky you, Dawn! I am so anxious for Spring but it is too early to start seeds here. xo Diana

  2. Dawn I know exactly how you feel. I put everything in last weekend and I go out everyday to look at my garden and seedlings coming up. They are like my babies. I just have to get in the soil this time of year.

  3. girl, you are going to be so busy this spring! 🙂 How fun, you are going to have a fabulous garden and orchard! 🙂

  4. I should probably prepare my husband now – that my spurt of crafting in the past couple months since blogging will probably carry into a list of garden things to do when it gets nice. Wondering if that will translate into the best garden we have ever had?


  5. Oh, I know you are itching to plant! The peas can tolerate cold nights. We planted ours near the end of February. They have been up for over a week now and are growing rapidly. Leo was just saying this afternoon that he needed to cut some wire for them to climb upon.

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