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Garden Vegetables | Creative Cain CabinI’m watching my 95 year old Grama and Aunts farm this week. They are traveling west so I am feeding the critters and picking from the garden. My Aunt used the straw bale method to garden this year and her veggies are producing much sooner than mine. She fertilized the bales in the spring, bringing them up to temperature and was able to plant sooner than in the ground method.

Garden Veggies | Creative Cain CabinThat’s good for me because we are having fresh vegetables every day. I could make a meal of nothing but veggies and often hubby and I sit down to a meal of corn on the cob, sliced cucumbers and tomato wedges. Our growing season has been very strange this year (again) and the sweet corn is the best I have had in years. We are eating it every day and enjoying how yummy it is. It’s so disappointing to get corn with no flavor, but that’s not the case this year.

Garden Vegetables | Creative Cain CabinI have been picking cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from my own garden so far. I chose not to plant to much this year never knowing if the deer will eat everything. So far it’s doing great, I ended up covering everything with tule fabric and that keeps the critters out. I’m just starting to get cosmos blooming in my cut garden and can’t wait to show you those. Anyone else picking wonderful veggies from you garden right now?



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  1. No veggies in my garden and right now the only thing blooming are the black eyed susans. We could sure use some rain. I love a meal of just fresh summer veggies. When I was growing up my fav meal was sweet corn and sliced tomatoes. Your pics are lovely as always!

    1. Ann we have been lucky and have had a steady dose of rain. I haven’t watered the veggie garden yet this summer but I do have to do my hanging baskets.

  2. Mmmm. Now I’m hungry for sweet corn and tomatoes! So far I’ve picked tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and cucumbers. I pickled some of the cukes … going to taste them for the first time today. If they’re good, I’ll share the recipe on my blog. 🙂

    1. Jennifer I love home made pickles. My hubby and son hate them so I never make them just for myself.

  3. Yum Dawn my mouth is watering for the yummy fresh veggies. Nothing says summer like fresh picked garden veggies. So happy you are getting such wonderful treats from the garden.

    1. Kris, My Gram gets back today so I will be picking from my own garden again (it’s small) but still producing.

  4. I was so excited to pick my first Baby Fingers cucumber this morning. It was hiding from me and when I tied the plant to the wire of my hoop house it showed itself. I think my hoop/greenhouse is going to be a new favorite thing in my back yard if it helps me get an earlier yield. Your veggies look delicious!

    1. Pamela any way to get early veggies is a plus. We have had such a cool summer that the tomatoes are having a hard time.

  5. Picking and eating home grown veggies is the best. We’ve been having peas, beans and small tomatoes. I just pulled the last of the pea plants this morning. My zucchini started producing, then seemed to stop. But at this time of the year they are plentiful at the farmers markets so I’m not too worried. Can’t wait for the big field tomatoes to arrive, so tasty in a sandwich.

    1. Linda I love home grown peas I can eat them straight from the garden and they don’t even make it into the house.

      1. How funny that you mention about eating them fresh from the garden! I was just reading an article this week saying not to do that because there could be bug pee, etc. and all kinds of bacteria on them, so it is better to wash them first. Made me stop and think about all that e-coli stuff, so I think I will be washing my harvests first.

        1. Susan, we done’t use pesticides so theres none of that in our garden but I guess a little bug pee won’t kill me. LOL I’m sure I’ve had much worse (by eating in restaurants).

  6. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    I didn’t plant too many this year..I decided to try planting in big containers and it worked out well..so I will try more next year..we have very yummy tomatoes, loose leaf lettuce which is done but was very good..and herbs..I love to have fresh veggie meals..

    1. Nancy, I did my cherry tomato plants in containers this year too and have been eating them every day.

  7. Dawn, your pics of the fresh produce are gorgeous! I’m in such a hurry to get out of the hot sun that I often forget to take photos! Our garden is winding down except for the okra and the melons. Going to make pickled okra tomorrow!

    1. Jane we have been in the 70’s all summer long, it’s been so nice I don’t mind weeding or anything. I’m not a hot weather girls so this has been the perfect gardening season.

  8. Hey Dawn…wonderful post and such beautiful photography! Found you thru our DIY Home & Garden Stumble group. Stumbled & pinned to three big garden boards. Have a great day!

    1. Kelly welcome to the cabin. Thank you so much for all the stumbling and pinning it is appreciated 🙂

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