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Gardening With Rustic Junk


Rustic Junk Gardening

After a nice all day rain, more like a downpour, I took a look around our yard and thought to myself I sure do add a lot of rustic junk to my gardens. So I grabbed the camera and started snapping away.

Rustic Junk Gardening

I use everything from old crib springs as trellis, rusted out watering cans as planter, and tines from an old tiller. Every year I collect a few more dilapidated birdhouses to sprinkle around too.

Garden Planter, Rustic Garden Planter, Container Garden

We own a business and we normally have an ongoing pile of scrap metal waiting to be taken in. I always find myself drawn to it and you’ll find me on top of the pile picking through it from time to time.

Rustic Junk Gardening

I tell my hubby there’s good junk in there! If I find something I can use or something I can prop up in a flowerbed I grab it. For some reason I never get tired of rustic unique junk.

Rustic Junk Gardening

The old wooden bucket willed with wave petunias hubby found in a burned out building and new it was something I’d like. I do have him trained to a certain extent to bring me home the good stuff. A girl can’t go wrong with a wooden bucket, right?

Country Living, Chickens, Wooden Bucket Filled With Wave Petunias

I did pick up the old garden cart at a sale and paid $2 for it and 50 cents for the crib springs. I’d say that some pretty cheap good junk! The weathered white birdhouse was once a lamp. I took the light portion out, added a wooden base and attached it to a post.

Rustic Junk Gardening

I love to see things used in different ways than they were intended. I’m not a junk hoarder by any means but I do see the potential in some pieces that would ordinarily be dumped in the trash bin.

Rustic Junk Gardening

When I was younger I though my gardening style leaned more towards the cottage look, but I quickly realized it just didn’t work with our home or our surroundings. Later on in life, like most of us, our style changes and mine lean towards rustic junk. LOL

Gardening With Rustic Junk

TO MY REGULAR READERS: ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THE GREEN BOXES WILL BE MY DAILY UPDATE DURING THE VIRUS! Please leave a comment and fill me in on what you’re doing. God Bless you all!

Wednesday May 13: It was a beautiful day out today. I hung three loads of laundry on the line, made myself an oriole feeder from salvaged things I found in hubby’s scrap metal pile, filled a wash tub and a let the baby ducks go for a swim, did a 7.5 mile bike ride with my DIL, planted a lilac bush, talked with Grama Red, and did a few pics for the blog. It was a very productive day!

Thursday May 14: Up and out mowing the acreage at 6:45 am. A heavy thunderstorm was moving in and I knew I had about 2 hours to get it done before the downpour and lightening started. I made it just in the knick of time, as I was pulling the tractor into the barn the sprinkles started. Perfect timing! From there it rained all day and was very humid. I woke in the night with a migraine so I battled that all day then finally about 7:30 it started to get better. I napped in my chair for a few hours in the afternoon. Migraines always make me sleepy for some reason. I did manage to put a pot of Cabbage Roll soup in the crock-pot for dinner. I’m just waiting now for the chickens to meander back into the coop so I can shut them up for the night. It’s 9pm now and they’re still out eating the worms from all the rain.

Friday May 15: It was a rainy start to the day but it quickly cleared and became muggy. I sat quietly on the porch watching the humming birds and Orioles feed. I never realized how noisy Orioles are, but boy do they have a loud voice. My new tiller came so I put that together and put the battery on to charge. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow. It’s supposed to be 70 and I plan on planting the garden. My peas are already starting to pop from the soil and with a few more warm days they’ll be climbing the trellis. Hubby and I had takeout subs for dinner and I caught up on my Bible study.

Saturday May 16: I had a rather rough day today. My son and DIL finally got their final inspection on their house (everything’s been on hold due to the lockdown of Michigan) and they moved out. I’ve been a mess all day and can’t seem to get it together. I sure hope this feeling passes quickly; I do not like it at all.

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