Going to Seed

Going to Seed 1

It looks like Fall is over here in my neck of the woods everything is in winter mode and doing it annual thing of going to seed to preserve it’s kind, nature sure know how to get it right. We no longer have leaves on the trees, after the rain and with the extreme cold temperatures they were on the ground over night. 


Going to Seed 2

We didn’t have a very pretty Fall here this year, the colors weren’t their normal vibrant hue I look forward to seeing, I believe it has something to do with the amount of rainfall you get earlier in the year that determines how colorful the leaves will be. We are already being blessed with that cold, icy stuff called snow. I love Michigan and our season changes but this year I am behind schedule and still haven’t got the garden weeded out. All the flowers are still standing like little brown soldiers in a row, it’s not a pretty sight, but for some reason I have so many other things on my to do list that the yard has been put on the back burner. 


Going to Seed 3

This week hubby has been working on lowering all our exterior doors, and I have been his help crew. I’ll be glad when that project is over, I hate all the dust it’s creating not to mention it is 30 degrees here and he has the doors out of the house. I will be back next week to show you that project. It is also opening day of gun season for deer here in Michigan, my boys went north hunting and my hubby is at our place hunting. Hope they bring home the big buck this year. 





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    1. Thank you Martina, nature is a beautiful thing to photograph.

  1. I’m from north Florida, our leaves haven’t turned yet! When I read your blog and see your lovely photographs, I get a glimpse of what your neck of the woods is like!!

    1. Susu, My mom is in southern Florida and I don’t think they get any leaf change at all and that is something I would miss. I love Michigan!

  2. Bundle up girlfriend. Tis the season once again! Your photos are fabulous!!! I won’t even tell you what the temp is here. YUCK, I hate it!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I am guessing you aren’t wearing your nice warm crocheted scarfs? I have on wool socks, hats and mittens here.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Dawn. We still have lots of leaves on the trees here in Kentucky. It is a late fall. xo Laura

    1. Laura, we lost all our leaves in one night with heavy rain. It was so pretty, but now everything is bare and brown.

  4. Loving all the photos you’ve taken recently! Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Susan, thank you so much for looking. I see many beautiful things on my morning walk.

  5. Love your nature photos! Most of the trees here still have their leaves even though we had temps down to the 20s night before last. We only had a few nights last year that were that cold. I’ve heard that it’s going to be a cold winter this year. Brrr!

    1. Jane, I hope we have lots of snow this year.

  6. Yep, we are into boots and coats here already, the pictures are so pretty Dawn!

    1. Rondell, you never know about Michigan weather it is supposed to be 66 tomorrow and then back in the 30’s.

  7. I love the big tree with the missing limbs, it reminds me of a tree I used to swing from a tire swing when I was young. Great transition pictures of Fall in your neck of the woods.

    1. Kim, that tree looks like it has a face to me. LOL

  8. Dawn,
    Love your beautiful pictures. You tell a story with each one. Stunning.

    1. Thank you Kris, we now have nothing but brown here no remnants of fall anywhere.

  9. We just got back from a trip to Indiana. As we were traveling on the toll road through Ohio, I couldn’t help but wonder how close I was to visiting you:) I love Fall!!!

    1. Tammy you were about 4 hours from me. My hubby travels that toll road all the time into Cleveland OH where he has been working.

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