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Gone Fishin’

Fishing Boat At Sunset

I have a confession to make! I’ve got a fishin’ problem, not to be confused with the song “I’ve got a drinkin’ problem”, ha-ha but equally as addictive. If you remember in my last Talk Till Dawn post I told you hubby wanted a fishing boat for his birthday, well that’s exactly what he got but the man can’t fish alone I’m always tagging along.

Large Mouth Bass Fish

I loved to fish when I was a kid and I now have the bug again. We go out early every morning and every evening that we can. I’ve had to rearrange my household chores to fit my fishing time in. I now have to get a load of laundry on the line by 5am so we can head out. We get off the lake before noon and head home for some lunch. While hubby is cleaning fish I take the laundry off the line and make lunch. We do whatever else needs to be done around the house and then head back to the lake around 5 in the evening and stay till dark.Then back home to clean fish again and pack them in the freezer.

Pine Lake Michigan

If I don’t have time to do things around the house I say the HECK with it I’d rather be fishing and leave it for another day. I figure things to be done will always wait but it might just be my lucky night to snag the big one! Speaking of the big one. I had a huge large mouth bass on my line, I was reeling for all I was worth, my pole was doubled over and right when I was ready to land it my line broke. Darn it! But I now have my very own “the fish that got away story”.


I asked hubby to teach me how to hook up the boat to my truck, back it into the lake, launch the boat off the trailer, drive it, and then reload it. I have it in my head I can do all this and be able to fish myself while he’s at work. I told him I’d take my bestie along and between the two of us we could figure it out or at least watch a YouTube video and figure it out. So far the lakes have been to crowded for me to practice backing up the boat trailer, but when we find a time that no ones around it’s something I want to learn to do myself.

Sunset Over Lake

I was taking to our son about it and he thought it sounded like a bad idea and once I told him my bestie would be there to help he thought it sounded like an even worse idea. LOL. Let’s just say we have a reputation of getting a little crazy when we’re together and you never know what may happen. We’ve been besties for over 40 years and the tales we can tell!


My DIL and I were riding bikes over the weekend and I was telling her how I have my fishing pole set up with a jig and her pole set up with a weedless bait that way we don’t have to cut the line and switch baits we can just switch poles. She started laughing and said I knew way to much about fishing. She said she didn’t even think she could identify which pole was hers.

Fishing Boat At Sunset

I’m lucky living in Michigan we are surrounded by lake and don’t have to drive more 15 minutes to have our pick of several lakes to fish. By the way, my DIL told me the pic of me holding a fish was horrible but I don’t care this is what I look like when I fish. Big old nerdy hat, no makeup, and my favorite dry on the fly clothing (perfect for fishing). And yes I know I should have at least been smiling but lets just say hubby takes the worst pics ever, so I get what I get. LOL

If you need to find me start by checking the lake! Have a great day everyone 🙂

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  1. OMG. I can’t believe how long your hair has grown. How long has it take for to reach that length. You are lucky that you and hubby can fish together. My husband gets to aggravated with me when we fish together. Lol

    1. Michle, My hair grows really fast. My family says I have short hair one week and long hair the next, lol. People don’t recognize me it changes so quickly. I’d say my hair grows a couple of inches a month maybe. Yes we have a great time fishing together and do it several times a week. I did hook him last week and that wasn’t pleasant let me tell you. He didn’t complain but I was a wreck.

  2. That sounds like fun!

    You had me in stitches with the part about your friend going with you being worse.

    1. Carol, we tend to get into trouble when we’re together, LOL.

  3. You look so cute. Love your hair

    1. Judy, Aw thanks I’m a hot mess right there. When I fish I just throw on a hat and call it good, I don’t even comb it. That’s a benefit to having thick hair it looks the same all the time wether it’s combed or not.

  4. Fishing is always fun, especially with the grandkids!

    Glad you’re enjoying some time together as a couple!

    1. Susjc, it’s a blast. We just said it was money well spent and we are getting food for the freezer too.

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