Grama Red Cuts Down the Lilac Bush

Grama Red Cutting Down the Lilac BushYep there she is, my 96 soon to be 97 in July, year old Gram cutting down the lilac bush. Grama Red lives with her 2 daughters and they’re building a new house this summer. Unfortunately the lilac bush is right where the new house will go so it has to go. My Aunt and I was busy clearing a tree line that will also be in the way and we spotted granny coming across the yard on her scooter. She uses it to get to the barn and all around the 40 acres even though she’s spry she still needs the scooter. Grama Red was looking for the tree saw, so when I was done with it I gave it to her. 

Grama Red Cutting Down The Lilac BushI thought she was going to take care of it for me but NO she decided to help by cutting down the lilac bush. Now how does a 96 year old woman have enough strength to cut down a bush that size? I had to laugh and say I felt a little guilty just photographing why she did all the work, but she wouldn’t have it any other way she wanted to help out in any way she could. 

Grama Red Cutting Down the Lilac BushI got a chuckle out of all the cloths she has on. I was sweating in a t-shirt while working and she was dressed like it was 30 below, but I guess she was the smart one all covered up because I ended up covered in poison ivy and she didn’t. Who’s the smart one now? 


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    1. Diana I will pass the HI along. Yes she was on a mission for sure he has it about 1/2 down now and once the rain lets up she’s going back out to cut some more.

  1. Listen to Grama Red as she is a very wise woman…My mom wears a sweater in the summer! She has been known to wear scarves in the house!….I want to know Grama Red’s secret to life!….Maybe she can share it with us!!!
    Hope you are OK with the poison ivy…that is awful stuff!!!

    1. Shirley my gram wears her at and mittens in the house during the winter and we laugh and say the temp must have hit 90 because Gram finally took off her turtleneck.

  2. Look at Grama Red! She is really something! I’m so proud to know she is so active though. Go Grammy, go!
    Did you know your yellow Pinterest button is over some of your text?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia yes I did see that with the Pinterest button and will have to look into it, thank you 🙂

  3. Love grandma Red!! At 96 cutting down a lilac “huge ” bush … Wow.. my hero!!!! She must have always been a worker. Lol grandma is the smart one.. Being covered up. I read somewhere that Fels Naptha soap helps with poison ivy. Good luck Dawn!❤️

    1. Melissa Gram was forced into retirement in her late 80’s due to her eyesight but she sill was working 40 hours a week and standing on her feet the whole time and loved every minute of it. Yes Im using the Fels Naptha but it’s always miserable before it makes the turn of getting better.

  4. How adorable is she? Makes me miss my mother-in-law who was just like your Grama. How fortunate you are to still have your grandmother, I’m sure she felt exhilarated. I’m sorry to hear about your poison-ivy though and pray it wasn’t too bad of a case. Thanks for this great story and go Grama Red! 🙂

    1. Bev she is a hoot that’s for sure. No grass is growing under her feet she stays busy.

  5. Wow, I think Grama Red is amazing, a lady with true determination.
    Now I can see where you get all of your energy, Dawn. Strong genes!

    1. Kim yes we have good genes in our family people live forever with no illness leading up to death. She’s a go getter that’s for sure.

  6. You are so lucky Dawn to have such a wonderful Grandmother. She is a worker. Too bad the lilac bush had to go. Cherish the time you have with Grama Red.

    1. Debbie luckily there’s another lilac bush on the property. This ones flowers didn’t open up or smell much anymore so maybe there’s a point where they get overgrown and have to go. I do so much with Gram you never know how long we’ll have together.

  7. Kathleen G says:

    Reading your post and comments, I couldn’t agree more about your Grama. Having a purpose extends a positive outlook in life. She’s an inspiration for all ages.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen at one point a few years ago she had a hip injury and was in a rehab for 6 weeks. We had family with her round the clock and she hit a rough patch for about 3 days. We decided to tell her it was all right if she was ready to go and we would be right there with her. She sat up and said, I’m not ready to die yet I have things I need to do. We look back now and laugh but the rehab facility said she has lived so long because she has family that takes care of her and keeps her lively. I sure hope I get the care she has someday. She had a rough life at times but never complained and always was a hard worker. She is an inspiration to all the grandkids and great grandkids for sure. She is loved and spoiled by everyone!

  8. I hope I’m still gardening when I’m in my 90’s!

    1. Carol I know right? She’s a spit fire that’s for sure.

    1. Barb I was just there and she was working on cutting another portion of the bush down, lol. My poison ivy is miserable, it lasts so long and drives me crazy.

  9. I sure hope that I am so lucky to live such a long and productive life. Gramma Red is also so fortunate to have such a loving and caring family , and your family probably feel like the fortunate ones.

    1. Cheryl I know medical teams say she has lived so long because she does have a close and caring family. She’s never left alone and joins in on whatever fun we’re having. She is a special lady!

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