Grasshoppers and Bees

2 Grasshoppers

“Hey buddy mind if I hitch a ride?” Last night while sitting out on the deck the garden was buzzing with grasshoppers and bees, huge bees at that. I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera to get a few close ups. The grasshoppers sat still for quite a while and didn’t mind me in their face with my camera lens but the bees are another story, they were buzzing from flower to flower making it hard to capture them.


Black & Blue Salvia

I got as close as I dared, I’m not sure if they are the stinging type but I didn’t want to take any chances. The Black & Blue Salvia was loaded with these big fuzzy bees. Speaking of Black & Blue Salvia mine has exploded this year it started out in a small one foot area and is now stretching six feet out. I know it will need to be divided next spring for sure. I had no idea this stuff could grow so fast. I hope to get the other side of our Deck Landscaped and I plan on moving some of it over there.


Grasshopper on a wildflower

I’m not sure what these two grasshoppers are up to (and don’t want to know) but I though they looked so cute together. I am thinking the one on top is resting while the one on bottom is caring the load, that sounds like a good thing right?


Bee on Black & Blue Salvia

Is anyone else experiencing these huge bees in your flower gardens this year? You can see the Walking Stick Insect here if you missed it.










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    1. Debra, they are so darn cute those grasshoppers. Do you have the same huge bees?

  1. I do not believe I’ve ever seen a walking stick in real life. Or maybe I didn’t recognize it. I’m amazed you flowers are doing so well, but then you don’t have the sweltering heat we do. Yes, I’ve had the bees all over the morning glory and passion vine. But I’ve torn a bunch of that out, so maybe they’ve moved on. Not seeing the grasshoppers yet. And I hope they keep to themselves!

    1. Brenda, my son told me this morning those big bees bite instead of sting and it feels much worse than a sting. Are temps are in the 50-60′s here right now. I would not do well in a hot climate, I may melt. LOL

  2. Hi Dawn,
    These are great pictures. Ha Ha you crack me up with the grasshoppers!!!!! Maybe they knew you were taking their picture.

    1. Kris, I hope I wasn’t invading their privacy. LOL

  3. I have a lot of bees in my garden, all the time. Especially on the catmint and the phlox and the spirea. I managed to take a shot of a grasshopper the other day who also obliged me by staying still for a long time. BUT, I’ve never seen two of them in this position!. Hmmm.

    1. Claudia, I am going to assume the grasshoppers were just buddies and not doing you know what. LOL Let me know if you want some black and blue salvia, I will send you some when it gets where I can divide it this fall.

  4. Beautiful Dawn!!
    xo Kris

  5. My first time seeing Blue Salvia-very pretty.
    I think your piggy back explanation is a good one!
    Or maybe a Mommy giving a child a ride?

    1. Oh Kim that is a better explanation. I like yours best:) If you want some Black and Blue Salvia let me know and I will send you some when I divide it later this fall.

  6. Hi Dawn, Just wondering if you knew that quite often all of your replys to comments show up on Bloglovin as separate posts? Each with the title “comment on…(whatever your original post is)”

    1. Nancy, Yes I see that every now and again. I know you can comment directly on bloglovin so not sure if it is an issue on there end or not. I have notified them but they respond sometimes and sometimes not. Thanks though:)

  7. Beautiful images Dawn! I come here to get my nature fix! I don’t think the grasshoppers are hitching a ride… I think “amour” is in the air!!!!

  8. LOL Yvonne, I think you are right I just didn’t know how to say it tactfully.

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