Gratitude Journal With Stickers – Printable

I’ve learned a few things in this past year and a half that have really hit home and need to be a constant reminder in my life. God comes first and if I don’t find things to be grateful for daily my mind takes a downward spiral.

Printable Gratitude Journal

I recently attended a speaker at church who actually gave the statistics and facts (that have been gathered through this virus time) of how a gratitude journal makes a difference in peoples live and mental health. And you know what? He was right.

I though you all might like to start your own gratitude journal, and right now many of us are still in lock down states or are just not comfortable with going out; so you can print this directly from you home computer.

Printable Gratitude Journal

I’ve created it to be pretty as well as functional. You can print the stickers on sticker paper or you can just print them on standard paper, cut them out, and put them in your journal with washi tape, a glue stick, or standard tape; whatever you have on had will be perfect.

You can print the cover and then as many or as little of the rest of the pages. Make it work for your needs and feel free to pass the link along to others you think may enjoy using the journal. I find the journal gives me the best results using it to start out my day out along with my Bible time. I write everything I was grateful for from the day before and it gives me a better outlook for the current day.

Don’t think writing simple things are silly; being grateful for anything: sunshine, a hot cup of tea, a song that had meaning to you, time with a love one. Whatever it is for you “is” important and I assure you your day will look a little brighter just remembering the little things.

Printable Gratitude Journal

Just click the link below and a new page will open up for you to download from. If you missed my Prayer Journal you can find that here and the download works the same way. I encourage you to find something to be grateful for today and mediate upon it through out the day if you’re feeling down.

God Bless, and I hope you find joy and many things to be grateful for today:)


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  1. Donita Pilkington says:

    Love your journals. Thank you.

    1. Donita, you are so welcome. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

  2. This is so pretty and cheerful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely, and meaningful!!

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