Greenfield Village Michigan Vacation

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganMy hubby has been wanting to go to Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (we haven’t been in over 15 years) and I agreed to the day trip but since most of it is outside I said we needed to wait for a day that wasn’t hot and humid. You all know how much I detest hot weather, I’m just not a tropical gal at all give me 75 with a breeze anyday. Well that day happened to be last Saturday, the high was to be 80 with a 50% chance of light rain. Perfect I said, I’d rather get caught in the rain than deal with the heat any day. Dearborn is about 2 hours from our place and our destination opens at 9:30 so we left around 8 from our house. We didn’t know until we got there that a special event, Michigan inventors, was going on so the parking lot was packed. We drove around for about 20 minutes before finding a parking spot. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganThe museum portion is all inside and the village portion is outside, so we agreed we’d do the outside part first before the day got hot. As you can see by the photos there’s no one around. Hubby and I lucked out, I think most people were there to see the inventors new things so hubby and I had the whole outside area to ourselves. It was really nice and quiet and great for taking photos! I was quite pleased because I’m not fond of crowds. The weather was also perfect, overcast all day and we did get sprinkled on a couple of times but not enough to get wet. We were in and out of so many homes and buildings that we hardly noticed. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganI knew I’d want to take tons of photos while in the village but wasn’t about to carry around my heavy big girl camera all day so all the photos you see are done with an iphone 6+ and I’m quite happy with the results (more on that later in an upcoming post). I also didn’t want to lug around my purse that has everything in it but the kitchen sink (and that may be there too) so I popped into our local hospice store and purchased an over the body bag for 80 cents. I put my phone, a lipstick, and a travel size lysol in it and was good to go and I didn’t even miss all that other stuff I’m normally hauling around with me. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganIt was such a nice day to be out walking, learning about history, and spending time with my hubby. Michigan is a beautiful state and has so many things to do that we’d never have to leave the area if we didn’t want too. The next thing on our list is to do Mackinac Island for a weekend. I’ll have to get mentally prepared for that one, I have a phobia about staying anywhere but my own bed. If I could I’d sleep with my shoes on I hate my feet to hit the floor (flip flops are on at all times, even in the shower). I also get creeped out by the bedspreads and remote controls. I have to throw the bedspread out immediately and put the remote in a ziplock bag then pray I actually get a little sleep. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganHubby and I did go into the museum for a short look-see but the place was packed and we weren’t as interested in that portion of our trip anyway so we gave it a once over and headed for home. I had an Instagram follower tell me the place is magnificient at Christmas time, so we may have to head back to check out the sights in December. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn MichiganIf you’re ever looking for a fun fact filled day come to Michigan and visit Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village you’ll be glad you made the trip. 

Greenfield Village Dearborn Michigan

Greenfield Village is a vast outdoor museum spread across more than 80 acres, a place where America’s past feels like right now. Located in Dearborn, just outside of Detroit, Michigan; there are 83 authentic historic structures, from the lab where Thomas Edison gave the world light to the workshop where the Wright Brothers gave us wings and the building where Abraham Lincoln practiced law. Visit the home where Noah Webster wrote the first American dictionary and the farmhouse where Henry Ford grew up. 

Looking for inspiring things to do? Along the way, you can catch a ride on a Model T, jump on a real steam-powered locomotive, and visit farm animals. Or “pull” glass with world-class artisans, watch 1867 baseball, and enjoy lunch from an 1830s menu. Journey into America’s past to discover inspiration for bringing innovation and imagination into your life today.Dawn

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  1. Cheryl Major says:

    WoW ! What a great place to visit. The pictures are wonderful and I think that my hubby and I would love to visit there some day. Now we just need our passports.

    1. Cheryl you’d love the place my favorite part is the colonial buildings and homes along with the color choices in them.

  2. Beautiful!…I have always wanted to visit that place!….I remember that Waverly fabrics had a collection called the Greenfield Museum….I used those fabrics back in the 90’s…loved it then…still love it!
    Nice that you had a wonderful getaway!

    1. Shirley you need to come to Michigan and visit the place. I had no idea about the fabric I will have to google it and see if I can find the pattern.

  3. can you tell me about your hospice store. like what are the hours and prices of things. I volunteer at a hospice thrift store but they are thinking of closing it so any info about your might help us keep ours. thank you

    1. Angela here is the link to the one in my area The prices are like garage sale prices, there’s a separate location just for furniture and a Christmas location in December but the rest of the year it has a drop off room (inside) which is nice you can donate day or night whether they’re there to take it or not. I love this, sometimes I clean things out and am ready to get it out of my Jeep that moment and can.

  4. Dawn, been many years since visiting there, but loved the pictures. Great reminder. It is about two hours from us. Thanks for the visit!

    1. Linda you need to go back for a day and enjoy it all over again 🙂

      1. I should. I think the last time I was there, I was really into the Early American decor and they had so many buildings that supported that!

        1. Linda I used to be into that look too in the 90’s. I still love how neat and tidy everyting is and how they mixed the patterns in homes. Wow some of them are just downright crazy.

  5. Dawn, my family visited the museum about 5 years ago. It’s a wonderful experience and we really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone. Also, pack some Chlorox wipes when you travel. You can wipe down any surface you are not comfortable with quite easily. For a day trip just pull them out of the container and put several in a ziplock baggie. Quick, easy, clean.

    1. Becky, I sound like a germaphobe and I’m really not but some things just creep me out, lol.

      1. I’m with you…there aren’t a lot, but some things that just creep me out (like my silverware touching the tabletop in a restaurant. Yuck!) My husband calls me Howard Hughes when I mention something! LOL!

        1. Denise I hate the silverware thing too, lol.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous and really make me want to visit there. I hope to go to Ontario next summer so maybe I will pop over there on my way. xo Laura

    1. Laura, that would be a great side trip from Ontario and it only takes a day to go through the place.

  7. I am right there with you on the weather thing. We are so hot here, for about 6 months a year. I plan my outings according the weather report! What beautiful scenery. Loved your post.
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, our paved roads are even heaving here because of the heat. Us Michiganders aren’t used to all these hot muggy days.

  8. My husband and I like to take day trips to various places in Michigan during the summer and I’ve never thought of going to Greenfield Village. It’s been many years since I’ve been there…I’m not sure, but I think we may have gone with our kids at one point. I really enjoyed your photos – how nice that you two had it all to yourselves!

    1. Jen, you need to take a day and make the trip you won’t be disappointed.

  9. Aww, between Greenfield Village and your mention of Mackinaw, you’re making me homesick! Grew up in Dearborn, but have been in CA since after college. I do enjoy your Michigan posts!

    1. Denise I’ve spent time in the LA area, San Diego, and Sacremento I will say I like northern CA the best but nothing beats Michigan, I love this state!

  10. Hubby has been wanting to go back to the Village for sometime now. Dawn, I had no idea you lived in Charlotte.. We are in Jackson so we are not that far apart. Love all your posts. Thanks!!

    1. Jeanie I live in Bellevue and have family in Jackson 🙂 Small world!

  11. It is a small world and I probably know your family…lol

  12. We visited in 2002, when the kids were 17 and 14. Both boys are Ford/car geeks, esp Mustangs; I too love them, and Classic cars. The museum was a hit! I encourage anyone to visit, if not for the “car fix”, then its history. So agree about westher–detest hot and humid unless I’m in a pool! Look forward to reading about Mackinac!!

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