Guest Room Decorated For $52

Guest Room Makeover With Garage Sale Items, All Done For $52. Brass Headboard Spray Painted

No vacancy’s, the guest room is full for the month of July. My Mom and Step Dad are visiting the cabin, I hadn’t planned on giving it a makeover it just fell into place when I started picking things up at an all day city wide garage sale. My friend Erin and I had the best time picking through other peoples things and finding some goodies for my place. 

Farmhouse Cage Light From Walmarts Better Homes and Gardens Line. Guest Room Makeover For $52. Updating a Room With Things From Garage SalesI actually keep a garage sale list on my phone and in that one trip I scored almost everything on my list. Every time I loaded something new into her mini van I got excited. Making a list is a must if you like to garage sale, there’s no reason dragging things home that I have no place for. I even take along a tape measure and have wall sizes listed on my cell. It’s saved me several times from buying something that’s the wrong size. 

Guest Bedroom Makeover For $52, Using Garage Sale Items and Walmart Cage Lights and a Painted Brass HeadboardOnce you’re hooked on garage sales; department store prices seem so high. It always amazes me how cheap things are being sold for, and often times the items are new and still in their packaging. 

Guest Bedroom Makeover For $52, Using Garage Sale Items and Walmart Cage Lights and a Painted Brass HeadboardThe makeover came together so easily it must have been meant to be. I’ll be back later to show you the headboard before I gave it a little love, so stay tuned for that. 

Guest Bedroom Makeover For $52, Using Garage Sale Items and Walmart Cage Lights and a Painted Brass Headboard

Here’s the list of things I scored at garage sales:

  • Headboard $2
  • 2 Ethan Allen Side Tables $4
  • Vintage Bedskirt 50¢
  • Vintage Chenille Bedspread $5
  • 2 Ethan Allen Patchwork Pillow Covers 50¢

Store purchased items:

  • 2 Farmhouse Cage Lights $40

Grand Total: $52




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  1. Beautiful!! I love it all. And those cage lights are adorable – where did you find them? Are they the type that is on a cord that you plug in an outlet?

    1. Jen the lights are from Walmart, and yes the cord plugs into an outlet.

      1. Thanks Dawn…and I should have asked at the same time, but I’m also wondering where you got the brackets that you’ve hung the lights from?

  2. Gayl Strebel says:

    Love those cage lights! Please tell me where you got them……

  3. This room is so beautiful and oh so cozy looking. I go to garage sales here in Jackson and have never scored such good sales as you did…Have a wonderful visit with your Mom and Step Dad!!

    1. Jeanie you need to hit the Marshall MI ones, rich people there and the stuff is in great condition and cheap.

    1. Kris, you need to get out of that heat and come to Michigan for a while.

      1. We are having about the same weather as you here in Chicago. Not too much of a difference. It has been beautiful the last few days.

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