Hand Made Dish Cloth

I was surprised today when I went to the mail box and found these lovely hand made dish cloth’s.
 These beauties were made by my bloggie friend Kris @ Simplify.
We met through blogging and found we have so many things in common. We have become good friends and talk almost daily.
 I love them so much I am afraid to use them. 
 Now I hope she can teach me through email how to make these.  They are so soft and the most beautiful colors.  They are going to look great in my country kitchen.  
Thanks Kris for such a wonderful gift:) you are a true friend.

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  1. What a nice surprise. They are so beautiful I can see why you don’t want to use them but they will probably last longer than any storebought ones. They are perfect for a country kitchen. Patty

  2. you are one lucky girl!! I have some like that that were made for me, I use them for pot holders rather than dish clothes.

  3. Hi Dawn! I am so happy you like your dish cloths! I am quite certain that if we were neighbors we would be into all sorts of trouble together!!!! Use them well! It has been a true pleasure getting to know you my friend!!

  4. I love those kind of dish cloths. People say “Oh they’re so easy to make. You should learn to crochet.”

    But I choose to leave that task to people who can crochet already. There are so many other things I do well — like eat chocolate, procrastinate and look cute!

  5. You lucky girl! These are my favorite dish clothes. The ladies where my mama lives make them too and I always stock up.

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