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Happy 100th Birthday Grama Red

Grama Red 100th Birthday

Wow can you believe it? What a milestone in reaching 100 years old. Yep that’s right Grama Red turned 100 the beginning of July and we’ve had several parties to celebrate. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see video from the party also. I encourage you to do so, you’ll also see things before there posted here on the blog and you’ll see more of my everyday life.

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For all of you who’ve heard me talk about Granny from time to time know what a spit fire she is. That red hair is the real giveaway. She came from the era where woman raised large family’s and she followed suit only she raised her 5 kids on her own. Many of times she had very little to eat and not the best living circumstance but they all stayed together and she never complained.

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She worked at Kelloggs (the cereal factory) and had to walk to and from work everyday. That alone is unheard of these days. No matter what the weather she did what she had to in getting herself to work to support her kids. They just don’t make tough women like that any more. When she reminisces she never refers to her early years as the “good old days” that’s for sure.

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Back then Kelloggs published their own magazine and she landed herself on the cover as their model. Quite a big deal for a poor girl trying to keep her head above water I’d say.

Gram Red 100th Birthday
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Some of my best times spent with her are when we just sit and talk about what life used to be like for her. Many times I take my journal along and jot down notes as she talks. The only way I’ll remember it all is if I have some way to refer back. Back in those days women were only aloud to work 6 hour shifts while men worked 8, and women’s wages were much less.

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For her 100th birthday the celebration was held at an Opera House, with a catered Italian meal, 75 family and friends, and she arrived in a 1934 Cadillac with a rumble seat (you can see that video on my Instagram page).

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I was so surprised when she stepped out of the car. I said “Dam Granny still has quite the figure at 100” that long burgundy gown looked just beautiful on her. We took advantage of her all dressed up and had a nice photo shoot on the grounds of the Opera House amongst all the beautiful landscaping. 

Grama Red 100th Birthday

She may be a tough old girl but the event did make her cry. I’ve never seen her cry before so I know it meant the world to her to have all her family and friends there celebrating with her. She’s already looking forward to having another big bash for when she turns 101.  I can only pray she reaches it.

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Over the last 2 years she’s slowed down quite a bit. She walks extremely slow but her mind is 100%, not one lick of dementia. She still likes to head to the bar for a good meal and a Bloody Mary every time she gets. She also likes going with me and hubby to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings to buy cheese. 

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I just placed an order on Amazon for the books “Struggle & Strength”. The author picked 8 women and told the story of a portion of their life’s and Grama Red is one of those women. The book just came on Friday, the day I left on vacation, so when I get home I’ll take it over and read it to her. 

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Thanks for stopping in today and sharing Grama Reds birthday with me. 

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  1. Laura Harrie says:

    What a remarkable women she is, Grama Red is blessing to you and your family

  2. Congratulations to Grandma Red!

  3. Wow, your Grandmother is beautiful .

    I bet she is glad to see the young women today being so successful in their careers. The sky is the limit .

    What an honor to be featured in a published book . I love that you are writing down her memories to pass on to others .

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post .

  4. Happy birthday, Grama Red! What an inspiration you have been to your family and friends! may you continue to be the spitfire you are! blessings!

  5. What a stunning lady and story of your Grandma Red! I must read that book! It would be so inspiring! Your photos are gorgeous and doesn’t Grandma Red look positively beautiful in that gown?! You made my day Dawn! Thank-you!😍😘🌹🌹🌹

  6. Wow..what a great granny you have and who would think she is 100…..a beautiful lady….

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