Happy 101 Birthday Grama Red

Grama Red 101 Birthday

It’s the birthday girl! Grama Red is 101…..Wow can you believe that? We had a little party for her at the park over the weekend. Restaurants are still closed here so we all gathered where we could. It was a hot day 93 so no ice cream but we did manage to eat a little cake, cookies, and cupcakes.

She’s one amazing lady, she still has her mind even though her body is slowing down. Not even a hit of dementia or memory loss. Her mind is better than mine most days, lol.

She’s done so many things over her lifetime…can you imagine living over 100 years and all the changes she’s seen. She had a lot of hard times when she was young but is one feisty red head that always make due no matter what the situation.

This year for her birthday we all chipped in and got her a monthly subscription to a booze box. She loves bloody Marys so that’s what we picked. Every month a big box of high end mix and all the fixin’s shows up at her door to make her favorite drink. So far she’s had a drink every night before bed since she’s opened the gift.

When I go visit Grama I try and remember my journal, she sometimes get’s to reminiscing so I jot down information as she chats. Her first job as a housekeeper was for a man and woman who had a 2 year old. Her job was to cook and clean the house and she was paid 25 cents per week and also got room and board.

Grama Red Kellogg Cereal Magazine Cover

It’s hard to believe wages could have ever been that low. After that she met the man she married had 3 boys and two girls. While her husband went off to join the Navy she got a job at Kellogg’s the cereal factory in Battle Creek MI where she worked from 6pm till Midnight. She even remembered the exact day, 7/7/1947, she started and made 33 cents per hour.

Back in the day Kelloggs published their own magazine and Grama Red was their first cover! She’s famous….

I have so many stories jotted down and I know someday I’ll be glad I took the time to listen and journal her life.

If you’d like to leave Red a birthday wish in the comments I’ll make sure and read them all to her. I know she enjoys hearing you’re messages to her.

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  1. Sharon Cross says:

    Hi, Grandma Red!…Happy belated birthday!…You are looking great…Behave yourself, young lady!

  2. Happy Birthday! Keep living life to the fullest!

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma Red…It is amazing all the things you have seen in your long lifetime. I am glad Dawn is jotting down memories of your stories as I so wish I would have done that. Stay cool and safe in these challenging times we are having now.

  4. Wow, best happy birthday wishes, to you Grama Red. What a huge milestone you’ve reached. By the looks of that photo, you have many more milestones and birthdays yet, to reach. I would luv to sit with you and listen to stories from your past. Cheers! Erika

  5. Hope you have a lovely birthday Grama Red, enjoy those Bloddy Mary’s

  6. She looks absolutely amazing for 101! I LOVE the red hair. Wishing her the happiest birthday ever!

  7. Happy 101st to a truly inspirational woman, who could teach today’s youngins’ a thing or two about work ethic and gratitude! I hope Dawn can capture as many moments on paper as your sharp mind can relay to her; I look forward to reading them!

  8. Happy birthday to you. You are one beautiful lady. Keep up the good work and enjoy life to the max. You are such an inspiration to all of us.
    May God bless you for many more years❤️

  9. Happy Birthday Grama Red. Hope I look as good as you when I’m 80. Great picture of you. All the best for another great year.

  10. Happy Birthday Grama Red! I’m always inspired by Dawn’s stories about you. Enjoy your bloody marys, keep your hair red, and have another great year!

  11. Happy 101 from OHIO! Grama Red, you are an inspiration to all of us and are still as beautiful as that cover girl photo! Continue enjoying your life and family and be blessed.

  12. Tina Olney says:

    Happy Birthday Grandma Red!!! What a joy you must be to be around. Enjoy your bloody mary drinks and your McDonald’s. Dawn its so great to hear you are writing down your Grandma’s stories, how I wish I good do that too-I lost both of my Grandma’s in 1982-I miss them everyday!! Cheers!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Grandma Red! Hope you had a great celebration celebrating just you. May you have many, many more happy days.

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