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Has everyone recovered from Christmas yet? I know many of you are still celebrating through the weekend with family and friends. For me we got up Christmas morning, opened presents and took down the Christmas decorations. I know many of you keep them up through the new year. Mine have been up since Thanksgiving weekend so I was ready to move on to a new look. For some reason Christmas trees are such dust collectors and I’m always ready to give the  house a good cleaning after everything is packed up and moved to the basement. We were luck and even had some snow for Christmas, last year at this time we were without power and it lasted for 2 weeks. This year was certainly different. 

Above is a Happy New Year printable you can print and frame it, create a card from it or save it to your desktop and send the graphic as a message to your friend on Facebook. Those are just a few ideas, I’m sure you can think up many more ways to use it. If you haven’t started following me on Facebook you can find me here, and if you prefer Instagram follow me here. 

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  1. Thanks for the printable, Dawn and enjoy your time off from school!

    1. Kim, it is nice having some time off and I am getting things organized again. For some reason the pantry is out of control and needs my attention often.

  2. I am Su very sorry to hear sboyt your beloved cat. You did the right thing. Take good care. I believe in kitty heaven!

    1. Anne I believe pets are in heaven too, than you for the kind comment.

  3. Thanks ever so much for sharing your work, it is really appreciated

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