Hard Boil an Egg in the Oven

I found this recipe on a friends Face Book page and have never heard of hard boiling an egg in the oven.
I have to know, has anyone tried this?
You bake the eggs at 350 for 30 minutes.
 You can place them in muffin tins or directly on the oven racks to bake.
 Supposedly farm fresh eggs will peel much easier using this method.
I can’t wait to give it a try and whip up a batch of egg salad.
Let me know if you use this method and how it works for you.

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  1. Nope- didn’t know you could do that- YOU FIRST and let us know how it works!

  2. I recently saw this on Pinterest too! Let me know how it works. I hate to peel the eggs from my hens. This would be great if it made it easier to peel them!!!

  3. I’ve never heard of this, but I’m anxious to hear how it worked for you. I’m also curious about your muffin pan. Is it ceramic? It’s very pretty.


  4. I saw it on Pinterest and tried it not long ago. It worked really well. The eggs did peel easier that’s for sure. The only down side was it left a little dark spot where the egg was sitting in the pan. So if looks are what your going for it might be a problem. And who knows…it’s very likely I did something wrong. 😉

    Great blog by the way!! 🙂

  5. This is my FAVORITE way to make hard boiled eggs. I highly recommend it!

  6. I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple weeks ago, tried it, and LOVED the results! They were not farm fresh eggs, but they were organic, cage free eggs from Trader Joe’s, and they did indeed peel much easier. Thank you for the post! I love the pictures here!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I made deviled eggs for a potluck and had to make a large quantity so I tried the oven method, my eggs finished with a dark spot on the whites as well, I saw another version of this recipe where they are baked in the oven at 325, for 30 minutes, I wonder if 350 is a bit to warm….

  8. Anonymous says:

    I tried it and it burnt my eggs and made the yolks hard… will not be doing it again!!

  9. I too had burn marks….. So I tweaked it a bit. I put a tablespoon of water in each cup…. Baked at 325 for 30 minutes ( 25 for softer boil)….. Then placed the eggs in a bowl of ice or very cold water for 10 minutes. Turned out great!

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