Help Me Pick A Shutter Color

Colonial Style Log Home

I need you to help me decide on a shutter color or no shutters at all. Lately I’ve been thinking about adding shutters to the cabin. The stain color is a dark brown and I guess I’m just ready for a small change with a little color. If the snow ever quits in Michigan (yes we were hit by another storm last night) hubby is going to power wash the house and restrain it.

If the existing stain color comes off during the washing we are going to go with a lighter color but if it doesn’t strip it we will stain it again the same as it is now. That being said look over the mock-ups I did below and tell me which one appeals to you. My least favorite is the green and that’s just because every log home I see has a green roof and green shutter and it’s just been overdone in my opinion. Also take into consideration our roof color is brown, tan, and a rust mixture. I know it’s hard to tell the detail in the photo.

When you scroll all the way to the bottom I’ve included downloadable shutters for you to play with and add to your own homes photos. It’s a great way to see a color on your home before you buy.

Blue Shutters

Gray Shutters

Tan Shutters

Black Shutters

Green Shutters

Rust Shutters


To download the shutters below, just right click on each shutter and save it to your computer. Then head on over to whatever photo editing software you use, or even (PicMonkey) upload a photo of your home, create an overlay with a shutter, and resize it to fit your windows. Have fun trying the different shutter colors on your home.

Don’t forget in the comment section below vote for the shutter color you like, or no shutters at all. 



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  1. I would vote for the rust, but think a more red/less orange tone would look great.

    1. Michele I had a friend suggest the red too and I didn’t try that color.

    1. Melissa the rust would pick up the color in the shingles for sure.

  2. Rita Wendt says:

    I am thinking The way it is now or black shutters. It will be interesting to see what others say. Love watching as you decorate your home.

    1. Rita, black was my second choice. I like the blue but I know I wouldn’t last a year and be tired of it. So far I think tan is the winner for most.

  3. I’d say no shutters.

    1. Lynn Corwin says:

      I too like the tan shutters. I have an orange door and love it.

      1. Lynn I had an orange door when we first built but hubby changed it to green quickly not many people like it and it was a preety pumpkin spice tone. I love the tan shutters too.

        1. Lynn Corwin says:

          Looking forward to seeing what you pick. My orange door is one of my favorite parts of the outside of my house. I just purchased a solid wood bench at the Goodwill for $6.00 to put outside. I am going to paint the seat of the bench the same orange.

          1. Lynn I want to see that, I bet it will be pretty.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I like the idea of black shutters and then paint your front door a robin egg blue. With black shutters you could change the look of the house by painting the front door any color and any time you want. Did I mention how much I love to paint 😉

    1. Elizabeth I hate to paint, so I’m calling you when I need a door color change, lol.

  5. Mary Tullila says:

    My vote is on the blue shutters and enclose your porch with railings.

    1. Mary, I don’t want a railing due to it blocks the view. Railing height in our county is always eye level when we sit down 🙁 We actually made the deck low enough to the ground to avoid railings. There’s lots of votes for the blue 🙂

  6. I like the tan shutters. Maybe a fun color on the door.

    1. Stacey I just painted the door tan to match the ceiling on the porch. If I don’t pick light colors the door is hard to see.

    1. Pam you’re my first vote for none, and I don’t see a lot of log homes with shutters so you may be right.

      1. We live in NC & there a lot of log homes- I haven’t seen any with shutters! I laughed at your green roof comment because I do see a lot of those too:) I love your log home & feel that it is perfect without shutters:) Painting your door may add a pop of color?

        1. Pam I don’t see many with shutters either but because our style is colonial I think it would look fine. I just painted the door the tan color to match the ceiling on the porch. I hate to paint and doors are a pain, and with the screen door over it a color doesn’t show up. I would love a pop of color but it’s not noticeable behind the storm door. I would love to ditch the storm doors but we seldom use air in the summer so they’re a must.

          1. Given the lovely home you’ve created inside I think whatever you decide to do on outside will be awesome:)

        2. I agree with no shutters, but think that maybe you should wait to make a decision until after you restain. I love your house.

          1. Wilma Im really hoping the stain color comes off so I can go with a lighter color this time.

  7. Dawn, I am going with the tan. I also like the blue but I think I would grow tired of it and if you go with the basic tan you can pick up the blue or other colors with accessories that are easier to switch out, like flower pots, chair cushions, plaques, etc.

    1. Joan I like the tan too and I agree I don’t want a color that I’m tired of quickly.

  8. I like rust and tan. I think the shutters add character

    1. Donna I don’t know why I never thought of them before.

  9. Btw I couldn’t get this post to work yesterday.

    1. Nancy I pulled it, it wasn’t supposed to post yesterday that is why. I had a moment and thought it was Sunday on Saturday.

  10. I like the idea of shutters – I think they would definitely add to the cabin. I’m in a tie: tan and rust. Either would be lovely, but the tan does lighten things up.

    1. Claudia I agree the tan is always a safe bet and I like that it gives the house a little color pop.

  11. I’m saying be frisky and go with the blue. ???

    1. Sue it’s my favorite too and very neutral to go with my deck furniture.

  12. Susan McInnis says:

    Definitely the blue! We have a very similar color on our farm gate and on our door. ( Our house shakes are stained cedar and our blue is peacock blue.) Everybody comments on what a beautiful color it is and how much they like it. We absolutely love it!

    1. Susan is the color called “peacock blue” and if so what brand?

  13. Kathleen G says:

    The color, depends on after the power wash, I like the rust though. I agree with having railings on the porch too, is that on your to do list?
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen no I don’t want railings it’s a big view blocker. If you make them to fit code, which we would do the rail hits right at eye level. We have one on our back deck but it’s because it’s over 2 stories off the ground. Im hoping the stain comes off when we wash but not counting on it.

  14. I vote for the blue, such a great colour.

  15. Dawn, I would go with black, paint door a wheat or Carmel color, the darker colors pull your roof and wood siding together, speaking houses they sell better with shutters , I know you said a while back that you were putting your home on the market. Good luck and God Bless this Sunday Morn.

    1. Joy my door is tan now and I just painted it to match the ceiling on the porch (which I haven’t shared yet). I didn’t know the shutter selling tip, thanks for that!

  16. I vote for blue, just a bit ligher

  17. Hi Dawndie! Oh, how fun! Now I like the tan shutters and then you could go with a bright colored door if you wanted to. I can’t wait to see what you choose! I love your house.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. Shelia I like tan too, now I will have to get a vote on door colors.

  18. Tan is what I would pick.

    1. Esther is my first pick too. If we stain it lighter I think I’ll go with black.

  19. Judi Johnson says:

    If you go with shutters I would say the tan. It does not over-whelm the house.

    1. Judi I think tan is the winner, now to convince hubby.

  20. Kay Brodine says:

    I would go with tan on shutters…..and paint the door a rust or bright color. Shutters would look nice.

  21. Rust looks really good, but perhaps it’s the leaves next to the house that is catching my eye. I like shutters and perhaps keep the door tan.

    1. Lynne yes the rust would be beautiful in the fall with all the leaf colors.

  22. Tan or Rust–the lighter color would bring out the shutters as an architectural feature while the rust is such a nice warm and welcoming color. I think you can’t go wrong with either of these two. Will you keep the door color you have or change it up? That could influence the shutter color. The tan color looks like it is close to the current door color in the picture. Maybe change the door color to a warmer tone if you go with the rust.

    1. Diane I like the tan best too and yes I just painted the door a tan color, the same as the porch ceiling. I so hate to paint so I would like to keep the door color I have.

  23. How about a buttery yellow? I live in a log house in Idaho with a Red roof and then Yellow trim. Then I can use what other colors I want in the landscape.

    1. i agree. I looked up buttery yellows for someone else and I love Butter Up SW6681 by Sherwin -Williams. to me all of them are to dark but I like the blue one too but just not that dark.

      1. Angela I love the idea of yellow. My deck colors have yellow in them this year. What a great color choice.

    2. Crystal that’s a fabulouse choice. Yellow is a hard one to pick so it would have to be the perfect yellow for sure. I would love to see a pic of your house.

  24. I love a paler blue with the brown or even more of a sage green. The rust is very appealing but I would prefer more red in it ?

    1. Penney I can’t believe I didn’t try a red shutter. What was I thinking?

      1. Penney Williams says:

        It works with a lot of Holidays and seasons 🙂

  25. Karen Kleinberg says:

    I would pick the tan shutters. You can see them and they would probably work well when decorating your porch… your cabin!!!

    1. Karen yes I like the idea of that tan being neutral and would go with everything.

  26. I preferred 1 or 2. The others looked too regular.

    1. Shaorn so far tan if my favorite but if I go with a lighter stain I like the back too.

  27. Blue or rust, but what about a more red color???

    1. Shellie can you believe red is the only color I didn’t try?

  28. If the shaker shingles turn out lighter after the power washing I would go with a midnight green. It looks almost black and paint the door a happy orange. If the shaker shingle siding remains dark I would get the rust color shutter.

    1. Mary I think the rust would look great with shingle color too, but so far tan if my favorite. The nice part is I can always paint them if I want a new color.

  29. Deborah Kaplun says:

    I love neutrals! Your roof color makes me go for tan. Then I would go for a deeper tan door and you could use a pretty bench in any color that you choose for a bit of a color pop. A wreath or basket of flowers on your door would be lovely! I just think too many colors going on would cut your house up too much. Tan is subtle and rich!

    1. Deborah thank you for your opinion, tan is my first pick too.

  30. My first choice would be no shutters as I don’t think they do anything at all for log homes…If I were to chose a color. it would be Tan!!

    1. Jeanie I like the tan too but with the home being a colonial style I was thinking maybe shutters would be ok.

  31. I think a shutter with a mustard color would complement the brown the best. 2nd choice the rust. Brown says fall colors to me. Blue and white containers flowers in the summer, pumpkins in fall, evergreens in winter and yellow pansies in spring.

    1. PC I’m hoping once we power wash the stain will come off and we can go with a lighter color, if not yellow would be a pretty color.

  32. I like the tan shutters. Blends well with the boulders. I should have read some of the other comments to see where my choice fits in. Good luck with it all, it is never easy.

    1. Debbie tan is the winner so you picked what the majority liked.

    1. Shirley that bad part is if I pain the door you can’t see it anyway because of the storm door so it’s really a waste 🙁 I hate storm doors but they’re a must in my neck of the woods because we seldom need our air.

    1. Carol somehow your comment got sent to my spam folder I’m glad I noticed it, you’re not spam at all 🙂

  33. Michele C. says:

    I love the style of shutter #1, and I think the tan color stands out best. The tan color looks nice and bright. Good luck with your choice.

    1. Michele I picked tan too and that’s what Im going with. Now to get them made and ready to put up once the house has been restained.

  34. Definitely the rust or black… The others do not look good in my opinion (and some don’t really add color at all). I would be curious to see different shades of blue options — that could work but don’t like the blue shown at all. my two cents!

    1. Paula I decided to paint the trim in the same color as the window casing and go with black shutters.

      1. Thanks for letting me know!

        1. Paula I just started painting the trim today and not so sure I like it 🙁

  35. Black is definitely not going to add any color to the house- I think there are a lot of other options that would look better but that’s just my two cents!

    1. Paula I think I like things neutral and am afraid with a color I’d be tired of it quickly so I better stick with plain for now, lol.

      1. Understandable! The great thing about paint, is it’s paint! Good luck with it!

        1. Paula if I don’t like it I will just cut new trim, stain it and replace it. I have the front side done and the shutters up and so far I like it.

  36. Nicole DeGregorio-Ricuard says:

    My home is a similar style but we have a dark green metal roof. Currently we have green shutters but I’m looking for a change. At first I thought Black would look great but after coming across your pictures, I have to say the tan looks amazing! That color really brightens up your home.

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