Henna Chair Slipcovers for Winter

Living Room of a Log Home

I’m back as promised to show you what color slipcovers I chose for the chairs, henna was the winner, the perfect color to warm up a space. I also decided to do no staging for my photos, what you see is what you get when you enter our home. I never have a messy house and with the floor plan being wide open it’s a must to keep the place as organized and tidy as possible.


Living Room in a Log Home

The cow print is a favorite and I never get tired of it, which is strange for me I normally tire of artwork easily and buffalo check curtains are always a staple in my home. I do change the color of the curtains with the season but they always remain a check. Here’s a little secret, I buy designer fabric by the roll with the frayed edges and all I do is cut it to size, hem the top and bottom and leave the raw frayed edges at the side for a more rustic look. It is so fast and easy and I love the look.


Living Room in a Log Home

The dead head on the wall was my hubby’s kill, I believe it is an 8 point. I was against it hanging in the living room but I had to let him have something of his in the space. I just pray the herd doesn’t grow, I don’t mind them in the freezer but one is enough on the wall for me, after all I don’t think of our home as a hunting lodge.


Living Room in a Log Home

I actually changed all the slips over a 3 day period and that worked out much better. My hands didn’t seem to be in constant pain, so I think this will be my new method. I will have to remind myself to not get antsy and want the task completed all in one day. Apparently pacing myself is the key.


Denim JCPenney Sofa Slipcover

I guess taking my time is better anyway it gives each piece time to dry before we need to sit on it and it gives us a place to sit one piece at a time.


Henna Slipcovered Chair

Now my next challenge is to gut the walk-in master bedroom closet and purge it from clothing that’s not being worn. Last time I did it I found 3 $100 dollar bills in one of hubby’s shirt pockets. I hope I am that lucky this time, finding unexpected money was a great reward for all my hard work.




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    1. Charlotte, it worked out perfect this time no hand pain at all. Must be I found the right formula.

  1. I love your home, Dawn, because you can tell from the photos that a home is exactly what it is. It is a beautiful place for a family. xo Laura

    1. Laura, sometimes it is good to see a home that isn’t staged so people know it is liveable.

    1. Martina, I wish the henna was more red but will have to do with the burn orange color it is.

  2. Perfectly you, in my opinion. Love the ladder on the wall with the quilt.

    1. Ann, that darn ladder is used all over my home, it was the perfect thrifted find.

    1. Shirley, I often wonder how we accumulate so much stuff. I think it is just the American way.

  3. Dawn,
    It all looks so pretty. I love seeing your pretty pictures of the cabin. I just want to come over and curl up with a cozy throw and a good book. So sweet and inviting.

    1. Kris, since my fall it seems all I am doing is curling up and hibernating, once the pain gets better I have a big to-do-list ahead of me.

  4. Love your chair covers….they look great!!
    Could you please tell me where you get your buffalo check fabrics….with fringed edges :^) ??
    I am thinking that red check curtains in our house would look pretty good!
    Many thanks.

    1. J, I have the red and white also and it’s my favorite for summer, come back tomorrow and I will have a post about the fabric and links provided 🙂

  5. Michle Machala says:

    Hi Dawn, hope you are feeling better. I would like to know where you purchase you check print fabric for your curtains. I would love to try to make my own curtains.

    1. Michle, I have had several people ask me where the buffalo check fabric is from, so I am going to do a post tomorrow with links so come back.

  6. Dawn, I always enjoy seeing the inside of your home because it looks so safe and secure from all that snow you’ve been having! The colors inside are so warm and cozy, and I love how you’ve displayed a quilt on the tall ladder! I didn’t realize that changing slipcovers was so hard on the hands. My only experience has been replacing our outdoor cushion covers after washing them. I could never let them dry in the clothes dryer because they would shrink too much!

    1. Jane, I have never heard anyone complain about changing slipcovers being such a task, I think the JCPenneys line is just very form fitting; which is good because they look nice but very hard to work with. I just made new slips for my outside furniture last year, I did wash what was on there and I agree it it hard getting them back on those foam cushions, I decided making new was easier.

  7. Dawn
    I like your changes! I hadn’t noticed your checked curtain changed to the black before.
    I love all the colours in your home. It’s so warm and welcoming.
    Hope you find another treasure this time in your closet!

    1. Kim, as soon as I recuperate from my fall I am on to the closets for sure. The accident hadn’t happened before this post so I am now on delay with that project.

  8. Where are the slipcovers from?

  9. Sure wish I lived close enough to raid I mean come help you clean out your closet 🙂 You know, all the years I did custom sewing for designers they never understood why it was so expensive to make slipcovers. It’s a beating taking those things on and off, again and again, to get the fit right. I would be exhausted by the time I was done! Yours are a gorgeous color, so worth the effort. Love the deer too! He’s a beauty.

    1. Andrea I never knew you used to sew for designers, and slipcovers must have been a real chore. I would love to have help with the closet and I bet you may find some things to reclaim.

  10. Can I come and clean your closet? $300.00 what a find:) henna goes so well with everything especially the blue sofa.

    1. Rondell, that would be great fun to have you over 🙂

  11. Hi Dawn. What a great blog you have! I’m a new follower and would love it if you would share your living room at my monthly blog party Every Room In The House. It’s kind of new, and every month we party in a different room. This month we’re in The Living Room. Your pretty log home living room would be a wonderful addition. I really like to see individual style, and yours is delightful. Here’s the link: http://www.ajoyfulcottage.com/2014/02/every-room-in-house-party-2.html
    I hope you’ll join us. Warm regards ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

    1. Thank you Nancy for following along, I will pop in to see your blog today 🙂

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