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Kitchen Herb Garden In Galvanized Buckets

Kitchen Herb Garden Planted in Galvanized Buckets and Placed on Our Entry Porch. Easy Access For CookingAbout 3 years ago we gutted our landscaping and that meant the herb garden was part of the purge. I really didn’t mind, it seemed like it was out of control anyway. It had that cottage garden feel, which I love, but for myself it’s just to messy and and not a look that I can do.

Flowers and Herb Mixture Planted in Galvanized Buckets on a Rustic Log Home PorchI seem to like things that have defined edges, and stay in their own neat little space so when the gut happened I had to reestablish an herb garden and I chose to do it in galvanized buckets that I’ve had for years. 

Herb Garden Planted In Galvanized ContainersI’ve been using galvanized farm buckets way before they were popular to use in farmhouse design. And here’s a tip (purchase them at tractor supply stores you’ll find them for much less than garden centers). Farmers aren’t aware how trendy they are, lol. 

Easy To Make Herb Garden Using Galvanized Buckets

This year I decided to only plant the herbs I use everyday for cooking. I normally have a bigger variety but I decided why plant what I don’t use? So this year it’s Basil, Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary, Oregano, and Dill. I’m totally obsessed with spinach and basil salads right now, so my Basil’s been getting a heavy daily pruning. 

Herb and Flower Garden Planted In Galvanized BucketsSince the herbs will have to survive in buckets all season I make sure and plant them in a good potting soil mix that I purchase from a nursery. We have topsoil stockpiled on the property but I don’t feel like it has all the nutrients the herbs will need for a complete season. 

Herb Garden Planted in Galvanized BucketsI’ve also learned over the years herbs love to be neglected. They actually do better when they’re not watered every day. When I see them wilting I water them with the hose and if they start to go to seed before I use them I give them a heavy pruning and they’ll produce again.  

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  1. I love how they look. I couldn’t control my flower beds either and they’d become a real mess. I dug up my favorite ones and replanted them in three different areas – the rest I got rid of. In the areas that I purged, I put down some cardboard and a deep layer of sawdust. Then I purchased 4 galvanized metal water troughs and put 2 in each bed. My husband drilled holes in the bottoms for draining. I put them up on pavers over the sawdust. My son added some stepping stones between each raised bed. They’re contained, look adorable, and I can control the weeds easily. I also bought 2 round galvanized tubs, which I can move around. These contain my veggie garden – it’s small but yields enough for 3 adults. I like to something every year – maybe some buckets of herbs this summer. 😉

    1. Jen, I love garden idea. I’m with you when it becomes such a chore to take care of something has to go. Our landscape design is so simple I hardly ever have to pull a weed and only have to prune the shrubs about every 3 years. I’m into whats simple as I age.

  2. cheryl Major says:

    Your herb pots are so cute and I just love the galavnized pails. What a great idea.

    1. Cheryl I went garage saleing this weekend and purchased 2 more galvanized pails for $1, I’m happy as a clam.

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