Herb Garden Is In

I wanted to show you are recap of my herb garden markers.
My plants finally arrived and have been planted.
Here is how they look with there markers next to them!!
 I have already been picking the “Peppermint” to use in my morning smoothies, it give them just the right amount of minty freshness.
 My new favorite snack is a fresh tomato with “Basil” on top.
 I’ll be adding the “Cilantro” to my jalapeño lime grilled shrimp tonight.
 looks like it’s going to be a while before I will have any lavender. 
 I will use the lemon balm to keep the pesky mosquito’s away, so far this season we have been lucky and there are none.
Of course “Parsley” can be used in any dish.
and how about a little “Oregano” in your pasta dish.
I’m so excited they are all doing well.  Fresh herbs can really liven up any dish.

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  1. Cute, cute, cute idea! I might steal that for the kids’ garden…for their pumpkins and squash.

  2. Beautiful herbs. Mine are in pots on my deck. Easy to access. Your marker stones are wonderful…I actually bought some. What kind of blogger am I? :o) Thanks for visiting me at WordPress. I am trying not to be stressed but this change was so long in coming and now I am having second thoughts. Can’t go back though so I must move forward. You are always so helpful and I am grateful for your friendship. ~Ann

  3. How cute! And so easy a caveman can do it. Thanks for the great idea Dawn!

  4. Dawn, Your herb garden is coming along so well already. I love the markers. What did you use to paint the words on with?

  5. Love it.. and your markers are awesome. I *had* lemon balm for several years, and somehow it has disappeared. Must replant 🙂 Waiting to get to the store (I’m such a hermit.. lol).. to buy fresh grated parmesan to use for some pesto. Dug my garlic, picked some basil, have my pine nuts (not grown by me.. hehe!).. and soon I’ll be ready to blend it all up! Love my herbs.. gonna try to use them a little more this year!! Enjoy!! -Tammy

  6. They look great with your markers! No mosquitoes? You are blessed! That peppermint in your smoothie sounds delicious!

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