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Herb Garden Plant Markers

Every morning when I walk my dog down our dirt road I look for rocks that are flat on one side.  
The county just graded our road and it normally turns up many new rocks for the picking.
I have been looking for just the right ones to make plant markers for my herb garden.
Well yesterday was the day I had collected enough.
 First I gave the rocks a good bath and let the dry in the sun.  Then I used a paint pen to write the herb name on each stone, and finished them off with a coat of clear spray paint.
I can’t wait to place them in the herb garden next to their matching plant.
I think it will make it easier at the beginning of each season also.  It’s easy to weed out a plant when they are first coming up, they all seem to look like weeds at that stage.
I ordered my heirloom herbs online and am waiting their arrival.  
Stop back by and see the stones in the garden. 

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  1. That’s a great idea and very cheap. I’m sure they will look really sweet in the garden. Deb

  2. Wonderful idea. I know what you mean about weeding out the good plants too. I had some black eyed susans that are no longer with us. :o) Happy weekend!

  3. This is a great idea! I can’t wait to see how these look in the garden!

  4. Good Idea! I REALLY need to do something like this to my gardens!

  5. I love the herb markers! I put temporary markers in my boxes until things come up. Then I know what is what. I do have a couple signs my hubby got me at the farmers market.

  6. This is a really cute idea; never would have thought to use the rocks. I am always walking with my head down looking for interesting rocks and such. Now, I have done the same to Beka too, we will be walking along and she’ll grab a pretty rock and have to take it home! 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Dawn!

  7. This is so ingenious! I’m visiting from The Picket Fence and I’m now following you, I would love if you could follow back. Tx

  8. This is a clever idea, very easy to make, quick and yet very fancy and looking beautiful, I would have not thought of it… well use of the nature itself on the garden. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Yesterday while getting some plants I thought I should make a little herb garden. Then I told myself, self…. you’ve tried that before and first you forget what is what and then you don’t use them. I have rocks. I can paint them. Problem solved.


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