Herb Garden Planter by JO

 Remember the Herb Garden Giveaway I did here recently?

I wanted to show you what Jo and her Hubby @ Lazy on Loblolly
have been up to.  They constructed an Herb garden planter. Boy do they work quick!
Jo was the lucky winner, and it made my day seeing them work together and enjoy her winnings:)

Isn’t it a beauty!!!

 Now pop on over to Jo’s place and see the rest of the amazing photos. 

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  1. Whooohooo….I’ve been featured!…when I saw this I just jumped for joy.Mr is gone out of town with his job,but I’ll be calling him later to let him know,”WE’VE BEEN FEATURED”!!!!yip-pee.

    Dawn,Thanks so much, you are a sweetheart.this has made my morning,gonna be a great day!
    Lazy on Loblolly

  2. Wow! I love the top with sections for different herbs. Looks like your herb giveaway went to the right people! So great!

  3. Wow, isn’t that perfect, what a great way to grow herbs, I have planted them before, but they seem to get lost in the garden!

    Thank you for your kind comment, I sure am excited!


  4. What a really nice planter ….I will make my hubby start one for me next week !! Really pretty outfits too.

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