Fresh Herb Bouquets

Fresh Cut Herbs

The only thing that hasn’t been done in by the frost is my herbs and I didn’t waste any time rescuing them. They are planted in a raised bed garden, close to the house and get the radiating heat off the logs, making them hang on a little longer than the flowers. I was afraid to take my chances any longer so yesterday I got out my trusty garden nippers and gave the herbs a hair cut (for those of you who don’t know, I used to be a stylist back in the day so any time I trim anything I call it “giving it a haircut”.



I figured while I was at it I may as well make them into a pretty arrangement. I put each variety into a different blue mason jar and lined them up on a vintage grain sack in the center of the dining room table. Not only are they functional for cooking they make a pretty table arrangement.


Fresh Herbs

I sure hated the thought of the frost getting them, and am pleased I had the idea of bring them inside. I need to thin the herb garden come spring it grew so much this past season that there is little room for any growth next year. I normally put out a Facebook notification for takers of divided herb plants, so far every year my divisions have went to a new gardeners home. It’s a great way to trade and get rid of things that are overtaking the garden space.






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    1. Thank you Martina, I think everything looks great in a blue jar:)

  1. I love fresh herbs. I planted rosemary and basil in pots on my deck so that the deer wouldn’t get to them this year.
    I enjoy seeing them displayed in the blue mason jars of which I have, too. Always so pretty!

    1. Dana, I had no idea dear would eat herbs. Must be they leave mine alone because they are so close to the house.

  2. Love them on your table in the blue mason jars Dawn, you always make such pretty arrangments.

    1. Rondell, thanks for looking anything in a blue jar is beautiful.

  3. And they look so pretty in the blue ball jars too!!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I get so much mileage out of those blue jars, I use them for everything.

    1. Susan, I agree simple is sometimes the best.

  4. They are lovely in the jars. My rosemary and thyme make it outside here through our winter. I just cut them back in the fall.

    1. Olive, I have a friend here in Michigan that says hers make it till Christmas, even in the snow. I guess I will have to look closer come December.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, if I didn’t have a blog I don’t know what I would do with all my pics. Makes for a great place to post some creativity.

  5. Dawn,
    The fresh herbs look so pretty in the blue mason jars. I bet they have a nice fragrance for the room too.

  6. Love the blue jars Dawn, fresh herbs smell fabulous! Great Save!

  7. Dawn, love love love your herbs in the ball jars. I still have some of my herbs in pots next to the house. Gorgeous vignette. I bet it smells wonderful too!

    1. Yvonne,it was wonderful smelling and great to have them in the house to cook with.

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