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Favorite Hidden Kitchen Features


Cutting Board Pull Out

It’s that time of year when I’m finding it hard coming up with things to blog about so today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite hidden features in my kitchen, the pull out cutting board, recycle and trash bins. I know none of that sounds too exciting but when it comes to my kitchen is sure makes it function to it’s fullest and it’s all things I never thought about until my cabinetmaker suggested them.

Pull Out Cutting Board, Pull Out Trash Bin, Pull Out Recycle Bin, Kitchen Organization

Here’s a little fun fact did you know that those popular pullout cutting boards are actually intended as a bread kneading board? Over time they evolved into cutting boards. I’m assuming as the times changed and people purchased their bread in convenient wrappers from the local grocery store; woman no longer slaved in the kitchen making their own bread they got creative and came up with a new use.

Pull Out Cutting Board, Pull Out Trash Bin, Pull Out Recycle Bin, Kitchen Organization

I had a local Amish man make my cupboards and he had all kinds of nifty hidden ideas and I had him put all of them into our kitchen. At some point I’ll come back and share with you the others. The cutting board gets used almost every day for food prep, I love having the garbage hidden and out of sight, and we recycle everything we can and this is the best keeping spot ever. The more things can be out of sight the better. I drive to the recycle center once a week and all I have to do is grab the bin and go!

I know once we sell and move these will be things I miss for sure. What’s your kitchens favorite feature you’d hate to be without?

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  1. I have always admired your kitchen so much. I dream about hidden trash cans like yours! If we ever get to redo ours, I will definitely incorporate those!

    1. Jane my Son and DIL just had the same Amish man build their cabinets and they incorporated 4 hidden trash cans. One for trash, one for recyclables, one for dog food, and one for bottles we return and get a deposit on here in Michigan.

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the other hidden ideas.

    I have the same type of hidden trash/recycle drawer. I think it is the best thing going!

    1. Janis what gets me is an Amish man is the one with all the nifty secrets for kitchen planning. That really cracked me us since Amish men don’t spend time in the kitchen, lol. He did point out the features his wife liked and encouraged me to add a few to my kitchen.

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