Honeybell Oranges Fresh From Florida

Honeybell Oranges

It’s that time of year again when Florida’s Honeybell Oranges are in season. My Mom and Dad send my family a big order every year, we can’t get enough of the best oranges you will ever taste. They have a short picking season, normally about 10 days so you have to have your order in to assure you get a supply. I have never seen these for sale in a store but my Mom has a tree growing in her back yard and that’s how we discovered them. I think hubby stripped the tree of every orange the last time we were there. If you have a chance to order I highly recommend doing so, they are so juicy and delicious they even provide bibs with the order.


Honey Bell Oranges

I have been so thankful to have fresh oranges this time of year with all the snow, dark days, and cold weather. For some reason an orange slice just brings a little sunshine to my day and often times several times a day, (I just can’t get enough of them.) I remember when I was a kid we has straw like contraptions that you could stick into a whole orange and drink it like a juice box. If I had to guess I would say they were made by Tupperware but I’m not for sure of that. Do any of you remember those? I haven’t seen them in years but these oranges would be perfect for those straw thingamajigs. I will have to be on the lookout now for some, funny the memories that come back to you at times. I’m not sure Tupperware even exists anymore, I haven’t been invited to a party in forever. 


Honeybell Orange

These oranges also have set well on my stomach, I fell on the ice about 10 days ago and because I took so much ibuprofen my appetite was nonexistent. For some reason an orange tasted good and It was actually something I wanted to eat. I never knew ibuprofen could work like an appetite suppressant, maybe I will loose some weight in the process, wouldn’t that be a benefit from it all? 


Honeybell Oranges

Here’s the site if you’re interested in ordering the best oranges you will ever have. Enjoy! and Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful gift 🙂





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  1. Isn’t it awesome what things will stir up child hood memories? I have never had a passion for fruit…until one day I realized that growing up, in a small rural village…we didn’t see oranges or grapefruit or bananas that much, because our small grocery store likely could not stock them. Oranges & red applies I remember at Christmas, but the rest of the fruit…we ate when in season (blueberries, strawberries, and apples mostly). I do remember my Mom squeezing oranges for our juice in the mornings…and that was the only real juice we had!
    My Mom was an awesome baker & living in a small community & belonging to every “woman’s” group on the go…there were a lot of pies, cookies & squares made in our home! I’m pretty sure, at my Mom’s elbow is where I got my sweet tooth! Oh…and home made donuts…..once out of the deep fryer…they were placed on sheets of brown paper. (I’ve never owned a deep fryer…or made donuts, lol!)
    I wish I liked fruit more….I make myself eat a banana & do like cold & crunchy seedless grapes..but I have a hard time with the tartness of oranges. I luv how they look and feel & I do enjoy a small bit of mandarin oranges…but not very often.
    And I’m not sure either if Tupperware is as big now as it once was…lots of pieces on ebay and used good sites…but remember the home parties?

    1. Charlotte, I so enjoyed your memory 🙂 I have never found a fruit or veggie that I don’t like and I do remember the day when you only ate what was in season in your area, now we ship things in from all over. I will have to check ebay for one of those straws.

  2. I love to have an orange every day, especially in the winter. So-o-o-o delicious.
    How lovely your Mom & Dad send you oranges from Florida to enjoy.
    Hope you are feeling better after your fall awhile ago.

    1. Linda, that’s a great plan to eat one orange a day. They are so refreshing 🙂 Today I just started noticing I am moving better, I sure hope this is the turn of the corner to recovery, thanks for asking 🙂

  3. Being a former Florida girl, I miss being able to just go to the back yard and pick citrus of all kinds…honey bells are the greatest…
    How nice of your parents to send you oranges every year…

    1. Shirley nice to find another blogger that has had Honeybells. We spent one winter in California and it was nice to go pick lemons from the tree for fresh lemonade.

  4. I just might order some of these. I remember when you posted about them last year…I wanted some then too! By the way, I love your flatware!

    1. Ann, place your order quick they sell out fast and the flatware was thrifted.

  5. I live in Fl. So we are blessed with fresh citrus fruit but I was born in Tenn. So I love fresh Winesap app!es straight from the orchard!

    1. Lauina I love apples too and Michigan grows some of my favorite varieties.

  6. These look and sound delicious. Isn’t it wonderful that citrus trees bear their fruit in the winter when we need it most. xo Laura

    1. Laura, we love them so much and wish we had our own tree.

  7. What a refreshing post and pics 😉

    1. Thanks Tammy, it’s the only thing looking lively around here these days with all the snow.

  8. They do look good and juicy. Great mom and dad you have there.

    1. Rondell, they are the best oranges and parents ever.

    1. Jessie, they are delicious for sure and nothing says sun shine more than an orange.

  9. Dawn, I have only had Honeybells once and that was when someone gifted us with a box! They are really delicious and your parents were so thoughtful to send you some! So glad to hear that you’re moving around a little better.

  10. Wow! A blast from the past when you said about the thing you put into the orange to drink out the juice! My mom had a couple of those–they weren’t tupperware and I have no idea where they came from. They looked kind of like this: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/06/citra-sipper.html but ours were off white.

    So, are your oranges similar to Clementines? Those little babies are really yummy! 🙂

    1. Yvonne, the oranges are the size of any other orange but shaped more like a bell and have a flavor all their own. You should order some:) I am going to check the link out now that you sent over.

    2. Yes Yvonne those are similar to what I was talking about. I will be on the lookout now 🙂 Thanks!!

  11. Hope you’re doing better Dawn, hitting the ice is such a jolt to the body. I’ve never heard of this particular orange but I’ll be down there next week and will look around to see if I can find them. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Char, luck you to be going where it’s warm 🙂 I am just today walking better but I think this is going to be a long recovery 🙁

  12. Yes, I remember those things to drink the juice right out of the orange – we had them as children. Haven’t thought about that in years! My mom may even still have them somewhere in her kitchen drawers (my mom is 92 and still lives, alone, in our childhood home). Tupperware does exist. I’ve seen kiosks at the mall from time to time.

    1. Barbara, wouldn’t that be a hoot if your mom still had some? I bet the quality of them was much better back in the day. You should have her take a look around her kitchen for them 🙂 I seldom get to a mall but will have to check the next time I do.

  13. I hope you feel better after your fall!!! Ouch!!! Those orange look mighty juicy. Maybe I should go into the orange sending business!!!???
    xo Kris

    1. Kris, I am walking but at the pace of a snail 🙁 You could make a fortune selling and shipping oranges. They sure are pricey!!

  14. If sunshine had a flavor it would be flavored “Honey Bell”!

    My mom sends me Honey Bells every January. They are VERY much appreciate here in my neck of the woods on the coast of Maine, where darkness settles in around 3:30pm. I also have a Newfie dog that is at my side at the slightest whiff of a Honey Bell being peeled, she wears the bib that the company sends.

    Stay warm and enjoy the pure joy of a Honey Bell!


    1. Jen, how sweet the pup wearing the bib, I got a chuckled out of that. I have never tried to give my dog a slice before. It’s nice to hear of someone else who enjoys these oranges on our dark winter days.

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