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80 Calorie Hot Chocolate Recipe That Tastes Delicious

Hot Chocolate Recipe, Only 80 Calories, Tastes Great, Rich and Creamy I’ve been craving a delicious cup of rich and creamy hot chocolate recently and with all my new found food allergies I had to get creative and invent my own recipe. I’ve tried several different recipes but couldn’t find something that was actually satisfying and made me long for another cup, until now. I think the secret is Cashew Milk and the Dark Chocolate Powder. 

I don’t drink coffee at all, I do have an occasional cup of hot tea but nothing’s better than a good ole’ cup of Hot Chocolate. You don’t know how many times I passed a Starbucks and wanted to pull in for a Skinny Hot Chocolate but couldn’t. I think the good thing about having food allergies is I just avoid the things on the list like the plague, I hate the internal itch my body has afterwards. Now if I was just on a diet, my car may override my common sense and make a trip through the drive through and get one anyway. 

The good thing about all the restrictions I have is I’m down 45 pounds; ya gotta love that part of it. The bad thing is I just can’t eat so many of the things I used to love. 

You can print off the recipe and give it a try to either save on calories or just to try a healthier version of this wintertime drink. Either way I bet you’ll love it!

Hot Chocolate
Serves 1
Healthy, Easy, Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate
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  1. 3 tsp. Coconut Sugar (42 Calories)
  2. 1 tsp. Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cacao Powder (10 Calories)
  3. Splash Vanilla
  4. 1 C Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk (25 Calories)
  1. Add Coconut Sugar and Dark Chocolate Powder to your favorite mug and stir until both ingredients are mixed together thoroughly. Add Vanilla and Cashew Milk. Microwave until warm, remove and give a stir. Add back to the microwave and continue to heat to desired temperature. Enjoy!
  1. Optional: Top with Cinnamon
CREATIVE CAIN CABIN https://creativecaincabin.com/
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  1. Dawn, your hot chocolate recipe looks delicious! Now where do you purchase the dark chocolate cocoa powder? Would I find it in a regular grocery store? I have never tried cashew milk but since I like almond milk, I’m sure I would like it. It is going to be colder here this weekend and I want to try this!

    1. Jane yes you can find the dark chocolate powder at any grocery store, even Walmart has it. I used to use almond milk but the cashew is so much thicker and richer it works great for hot chocolate.

    1. Carol I have one cup daily during the winter months. It always warms me up and works for my chocolate fix.

  2. This hot chocolate recipe looks and sounds delish Dawn! I am pretty blown away at our recipes this month! So many great ideas and not so heavy on the calories.

    1. Debbie I love all the low calories ones to choose from too.

    1. Shirley it’s great if you’re calorie counting.

  3. This sounds so good Dawn. I am going to give this a try. I love cashew milk and putting some chocolate in it can only make life good!!!! Happy Nw Year.

    1. Kris, you’re right adding chocolate to anything makes it better 🙂

  4. Next trip to town I’m looking for the cashew milk! Sounds delicious and fits in my food selections. Thank you for the recipe. Just bought apples yesterday for the dehydrator.

    1. Patty, you’ll love cashew milk, it’s so rich and creamy.

  5. Excited to try! GF here and like you, miss so many foods ~ especially pasta and breads, and… and… and… After turning to GF foods, blood sugar rose due to many of the products being made from rice which is high glycemic, so trying to reverse that with Ceylon Cinnamon and Ayurvedic direction. Now, the word is stevia is bad for high blood sugar or diabetics. As I hit my head against the wall, I’ll just have to minimize the sugar in this recipe, because sometimes, you just need a cup of hot chocolate with or without Schnapps!

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