How the Garden Grows

My wonderful hubby spent two days building me 16 raised garden beds.
We have planted our vegetables and cut flowers in them.  If you missed my garden plan you can see it Here.

I am thankful to have all this rich black dirt stock piled on our property.  It came from digging our pond.
I am so glad hubby has a bobcat to move all the dirt, it would be to much to do by hand.

For some reason raised beds don’t seem as overwhelming as planting directly into the ground.  I go out every morning and pull what ever weeds pop up over night.  I also like the fact that I can sit on the edge of the planter to do my work.

I put the tomato trellises into the ground and planted the peas along side them.  I figured the peas could grow up the tomato stakes and be harvested long before the tomatoes would actually need them.

I love these tomato cages.  They are so easy to assemble and can be made into different variations.  They also store easy for next years use.

See how they just snap together?
You can find them at your local Lowes Store.
They’re called “Blue Ribbon Tomato Cage”

The peas seem to be doing there job.  Setting off little runners and starting to climb the cages, before long they will be producing heavily.

I have never done potatoes before, we don’t eat many around our house, but decided to give them a try.  Wow do they germinate fast, can’t wait to dig them up.

The green beans are also doing fantastic.

All the melons, cukes, and squash are at this stage.

The only thing left to plant is tomatoes and they still haven’t arrived in the mail.  

Stop back by and see the garden grow:)

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  1. Wow, sixteen boxes. We have one box and then hubby started just planting in the ground. I will be sharing pics soon. Yours looks great.

  2. Not only is your husband the greatest – 16 beds filled with great soil !!! you have those great tomato frames – never knew what they were before – I have the stakes but the not ‘joining’ pieces. Really glad you posted about them. You are going to have the best garden ever.

  3. Wow, Dawn- How wonderful is that!!! I love it and the soil looks to be of amazing quality- Blessings to you AND your gardens- xo Diana

  4. Wow! Looks great Dawn! I love the boxes!! Those tomato cages look great. I need some like that. Mine are already hugely growing over the tops of their cages!!!! I would love to have that many boxes!!!!!

  5. They look fantastic!!! Although I did get distracted by the view to your neighbors house! 🙂 What a lovely view! I love farmland. What kind of peas are you growing? Someone gave me peas, and didn’t tell me what kind. Do all peas grow runners? Mine have runners and my leaves look a little bluish green.

  6. Your garden is doing well! We have already dug all our potatoes, and the green peas are finished. We’re slowly pulling them all up. In their place went okra, cantaloupe, and pumpkin seeds. We just picked a few tomatoes this weekend. I’ll have to look for those tomato cages-NEXT YEAR!

  7. Wow, Dawn, your garden looks great! I really like those raised beds. That’s what we intend to do next season. Too funny about your dog and the strawberries. Well, not exactly funny, but you know what I mean…!

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  8. HI Dawn! I’ve had so much fun catching up here. Your garden is perfect!! Now I feel like my hubby (he works for Lowes) has been holding out on me. Those tomato supports look awesome! Actually, hubs made me some nice tall wooden stakes (sawmill scraps) for the tomatoes. I was out in 100 degree temps today trying to drive them into the hard, dry ground. Not pretty 🙂 And not much success! Hope the weather is much more pleasant where you are! -Tammy

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