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How I Keep My Fan-y Clean

How to Clean a Floor Fan or Box Fan Using this Everyday Appliance | Super Fast and Easy | Cleaining | CreativeCainCabin.comGot ya didn’t I? I know you were hoping this wasn’t a post about my back side, and believe me I wouldn’t be showing it off. I don’t want to scare anyone. This is actually about my floor fan.

How to Clean a Floor Fan or Box Fan Using this Everyday Appliance | Super Fast and Easy | Cleaining | CreativeCainCabin.comSee how filthy it is? I always wonder how a moving fan can gather so much dust, but it does. It doesn’t help that we have pets in the house even though I have a vacuum obsession. I think that thing is always on, I can’t stand pet hair rolling like a tumbleweed across my wood floors. Anyway here’s why my brilliant idea formed. I HATE to clean fans, all those tiny groove and slats are almost impossible to get looking new again, so here’s what I did………..

How to Clean a Floor Fan or Box Fan Using this Everyday Appliance | Super Fast and Easy | Cleaining | CreativeCainCabin.comIn less than 3 minutes I had that baby apart and it went into my dishwasher. Yep you read that right I cleaned it in my DISHWASHER…..here’s how: 

1: Filthy fan   2. Either take out the screws around the edge or in my case they have small flip latches.   3. Turn the nut in the center of the blade, clockwise, I know that doesn’t sound right but believe me they’re all attached the opposite way you think. (No righty tighty, lefty loosy in this case)   4. Now that the center nut is off pull off the blades and the back panel, in my case there were four screws to take out.    5. Put the blades and metal housing into the dishwasher and send it for a cycle.   6. Reassemble. 

How to Clean a Floor Fan or Box Fan Using this Everyday Appliance | Super Fast and Easy | Cleaining | CreativeCainCabin.comHoly cow, it turned out looking like new and all I had to do was remove a few screws. This is my new way to clean a fan for sure. No more trying to clean all those tiny wire sections. You may notice the artwork in the background, they are drawings my now 20 year old did when he was 7. I’ll be back to show you more, but I framed them all and will be doing a whole wall of them in my office. 

How to Clean a Floor Fan or Box Fan Using this Everyday Appliance | Super Fast and Easy | Cleaining | CreativeCainCabin.comSo with my nice clean fan I’m ready for summer. We only need our air about 3 days out of the year, so fans are used more than anything. So tell me will you give this a try?


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    1. Shirley, I love the fan too, it’s cast iron and can be used inside or out. Nice and heavy so the wind cant tip it over.

  1. I’ve taken my fan apart to clean it but never thought of putting it in dishwasher. I live on the Fl. Gulf coast so I cannot imagine only having to use your fan several days during summer…wow!!! Our ac is running consistently and we also use fans.

    1. Lauina, its so fast doing it this way, I’ll never clean it any other way again ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not a hot weather girl so I couldn’t survive in FL.

  2. Lisa whitmire says:

    i love your site and home ,but anyway we also have 3 dogs nour home i have a vacuum obsession also can’t stand dog hair but I’ve got a tip on cleaning fan that i do .I take it outside plug my leaf blower up and blow that fan and you can watch all the dust it’s unreal
    Have great day,

    1. Lisa, great idea. I don’t own a leaf blower so I guess I will have to keep using the dishwasher. I bet the leaf blower does a fantastic job though ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow! What a determined girl with a screwdriver can do!! My biggest dirt problem is… lamp shades! The fuzz is awful… When my husband is using his air compressor I take them out for a quick shoot of air.. the nastiness just flies off! (Take caution though… it can hurt if used improperly!) Have an awesome Friday!

    1. Tamara, Good idea for the lamp shades, I always end up vacuuming them. I will have to try the air compressor next time.

    2. I use a lint roller on my lampshades. It’s amazing what comes off on that sticky tape.

      1. Pat, that’s a fabulous idea I’m going to go do that to mine right now. Thank for the tip!

  4. Cheryl Major says:

    I will be popping my fan parts in the dishwasher…I have about 6 to clean….Thanks Dawn !

    1. Cheryl, woow 6 I bet this will speed up the cleaning process for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. crafty.grandma says:

    What great idea!!! Do you add dishwashing detergent or anything or just clear water??? The way our house is made the circulation from the AC doesn’t go into the bedroom. At any rate, our temps usually go down so we don’t need the AC on but it sure is nice to have fresh air from outside when there is a breeze…on the nights there is no breeze on comes the fan and that sucker seems to have dust always. LOL!! I actually miss seeing the dog’s hair float by!! Our dog passed away last year and when hubby mentions getting another one, I hesitate because I too was maniac with the vacuum!! Now I do it once a week!!

    1. I would love to only vacuum once a week, but it’s more like 3 times a day ๐Ÿ™ What a chore. Yes, I put a dishwashing pod in the cycle just like I do with my dishes and it comes out sparkly clean ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. crafty.grandma says:

        Will definitely give it a try! thanks and I certainly can relate to vacuuming 3x a day!! One day I will give in to getting another dog until then, I will enjoy my freedom of vacuuming once a week but I do pass the swiffer every day as we have mostly hardwood floors – the carpets are just for decor purposes.

        1. When our dog pasees I say no more animals. It’s so hard to travel and Im getting old enough I don’t want to deal with an animal anymore, even though I love animals.

          1. crafty.grandma says:

            That’s what I said but since we moved to the country from the city and retired, and everyone has two dogs, 4 cats and 3 kids, we are always oooing and awwwing about the dogs. Unfortunately, hubby is not much of a traveller (our excuse not to travel – the dog), and although my first plane trip was overseas, I am terrified of flying!! We still have a 17 year old cat which we have to check to see if he is breathing as he sleeps all day, it seems as if he isn’t even here!! LOL!! I guess we just miss the companionship of the dog even though hubby takes me for my daily walk !!!!

          2. LOL so glad hubby walks you. Yes I love animals too but it’s time for us to be without ๐Ÿ™

  6. Now all I have to do is get a dishwasher. Oh well ๐Ÿ™

    1. LOL oh no Cindy, ya that may cost more than buying a new clean fan.

  7. I don’t have a dishwasher either. Mine go outside and I use a leafblower and waterhose to clean my fans

    1. Brilliant Georgia, I say whatever makes the job easy to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have two ceiling fans that are used primarily in summer to supplement the AC in my small house. I have to clean them the hard way – on a ladder and one blade at a time since all of those fan “dusters” do not remove the stuck-on dirt and dust. I love what they do for air circulation, but I so hate to clean them.
    I have two dogs, one large and one small, which means lots of fur and grit and grime that seems to come from nowhere, but can’t imagine not having a pet. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that when my dogs are no longer with me (they are senior dogs), that a cat would be easier to care for since I’m a “senior” myself. I live alone, so having a pet is important for my own well-being – someone to talk to and care for.

    1. Pat I hate to clean them too, our ceiling fans are 30 ft. in the are and we have to set up scaffolding to clean them. I also have no idea how so much stuff can get stuck to those darn ceiling fans. Mine go 24/7 so I just hope no one looks up between cleanings, LOL. I’d love to have a kitty again but it’s so hard to travel when we have pets. Our dog died last July and we are pet free for the first time in our lives. I so want an animal but it really is freeing when we don’t have to get back home to care for an animal.

  9. All the comments are wonderful and touching. I live in senior housing with NO dishwasher or leaf blowers. I keep fans going all the time to keep heat and air moving through the apartment. I can’t believe how disgusting these fans get!!! The fans also cause dusty lamp shades. Dust build up everywhere. I don’t mind the dusting and vacuuming but I hate cleaning the fans. I have to clean them in the bathtub and then clean the bathroom. Does anyone know of a way to keep that nasty pet hair, kitchen grease, and dust build up from building up in the first place? Would love to slow down the yucky build up if I can.If there is no cure for this I know now I am not alone in this fight. On a trip to the bathtub tomorrow I will be thinking of all my kindred spirits fighting the same battle.

    1. Barbara, I’ve found that a magic sponge cleans things really well. That may work for getting the kitchen grease under control.

  10. Unfortunately your fan may have parts that contain lead or other heavy metals, and you could be contaminating your dishwasher and dishes and family. Yes, many everyday items do contain lead. Just google “Lead Safe Mama”. She is someone I follow and has helped me when my child was lead poisoned.

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