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How I Turned an Outdated Lamp Into a Birdhouse

Birdhouse for Wrens

I’m a little hesitant to say this for fear I may jinx it, but I think spring is moving into Michigan. Yippeeeee, bring on the warmer days I need to get outside and get things done. My list is a mile long and nothing’s getting done when it snows every day. On our first nice day I decided to do an upcycle project by turning an old lamp into a birdhouse.

Do you remember these lamps? Anyone that decorated in the primitive or shaker style in the early 90’s had one of these lamps. Why I still had it hanging around I’ll never know, but I did and I finally found a way to give it new life by letting the birds enjoy it for a while.

Lamp Turned into a Bird House

It was a simple redo I took the wiring out from the backside, got out my miter saw and cut a base, attached it with my staple gun, and cut a hole on the side for the birds to enter from.

Birdhouse for Wrens

I purchased wooden squares and a rectangle (Hobby Lobby) to glue over the existing cuts out on the front side that were the windows and door, gave it a new paint color, and added the ladder (Hobby Lobby) to the bird hole side then mounted it with two screws to the pole. My hubby informed me that the birds didn’t need the ladder. I told him I knew that, it was strictly decorative. Was he serious, lol?

Spring Window Box

The birdhouse is outside my office window and I’ll be keeping an eye out for something to nest, normally it’s a Wren that takes up residence. There was a different birdhouse in it’s place before but it finally needed to go, it was so dilapidated and no longer usable. 

Birdhouse for Wrens

The next thing on my list is to make is new flower boxes. I have all the materials purchased so I’ll tackle that later this week on a warmer day. Now if the nights would only get above freezing I could plant the boxes but I better hold off for now. I hate to spend the money only to lose the flowers to a frosty night. Normally I can cover them up with a sheet if frost is forecasted by why take a chance I’ll just try and be patient a little longer. 


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  1. Oh what a great idea and yes, I do remember those lamps! Looks wonderful in the yard and you did a great job. Hopefully you will have lots of visitors to the new house. For me?…my visitors would be squirrels…Great job Dawn!

    1. Shirley for me I have no squirrels just birds. LOL.

  2. I love this! My kids got me a birdhouse for my birthday and I can’t wait until it gets installed. They just make you happy. 🙂

    1. Ann I love birdhouse and can’t wait to get the others up that I have.

  3. That is one adorable birdhouse makeover. I am currently painting a bird feeder and a birdhouse that I found on clearance.
    I always pick up the $3 or $4 bargains since the weather ruins them over time. Can’t wait to see what you do with the
    flower boxes. Its been too chilly in Missouri to plant. I only have pansies in some pots in the front of the house and a few onion slips in. Everyone wants to get their hands in the dirt!!!!

    1. Debbie I buy on clearance too, I pick up the ugly ones that are left over and give them a new look. The wind was so bad here most of mine came out of the trees over winter and smashed to the ground so I’m slowly making new. No planting going on here either it’s still to cold at night and the day’s aren’t’ much better yet.

      1. Do you like to go into the junkiest antique stores hoping to find a treasure that you cannot live without? I do. I am making a she shed this spring. I wish I could send you a pic for some ideas. It really was a firewood structure. It has a roof and side beams. We added a treated lumber floor and a shelf years ago, but I got a bee in my bonnet to take it one step further. Going to hang a drape on one side and a wicker shade on the other. I keep going to GoodWills hoping to find yard tools but have not lucked into any. I need the weather to cooperate so I can put this into motion.

        Hope you have a good weekend!

        1. Debbie I want to see pics for sure, I want a she shed too. They are just adorable and hubby would never see me again, I’d always be doing something inside my space.

          1. How do we go about sending pictures…..I am good on a laptop but I have the hubby who uploads the phone pics. Sorry I am probably not a huge techie…..but I text and have FB. I do have IG but again i never put pics up on it, I guess its just a sad situation for me.,,,,,: – ) I am hip tho,,,, : – )

          2. Debbie Im so glad your still hip, lol. You can email them to me, does that work for you?

  4. I had to block up all openings in my little birdhouses, the wasps were making nests in them and becoming a nuisance. I am all for live and let live as long as they don’t attack me. I need to dig them out from their winter storage and give them a face lift. Love how yours turned out. We had lovely warm temps last week and this week we are cold again. I know sunny skies and gardening weather will be here soon enough. Today I walk about the neighborhood photographing what is in bloom just to tell myself it really is Spring. 🙂

    1. Pam we have an exterminator so we don’t have a problem with wasps or bees to often and I’ve never had them in my birdhouse, but I will keep an eye out now for them. Im hoping a wren moves in again this year. Just today my daffodils are blooming, I thought it was never going to happen. It was 60 here today and supposed to be 70 for the weekend. I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Jeanie I love to fee the birds too but they attract mice so I quit doing it years ago. It seemed silly to feed the birds, attract the mice, then pay an exterminator to get rid of the mice, LOL.

  5. Oh Dawn I had one of those lamps lol! What a cute idea. Love how that beautiful new little bird house looks in your yard.
    So cute.

    1. Kris I hope a bird moves in soon. How the pooch doing?

  6. I think spring has finally won the battle with winter here too. I’ve spent a few hours outside today. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that type of lamp. You did a great job converting it to a birdhouse. Hope a resident moves in soon.

    1. Linda it was 60 here today and I worked outside all day killing weeds, painting a chair, and helping my Aunt rip down a pergola. My back will screaming at me tomorrow but it was nice to see the sun again.

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