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How to Make a Garden Scarecrow With Rustic Junk – Over 20 Ideas

It’s June and time for the Cozy Living series, Hosted by Jennifer. It’s a monthly series where myself and the bloggers listed below participate and share with you some of our best ideas. Don’t forget to click on those links at the bottom of this post to see what everyone else is doing.

DIY Rustic Garden Scarecrow

I’ve added a scarecrow to my garden. It’s something I’ve never had but I like garden art mixed in with my flowers and veggies and what better way than add a scarecrow with rustic, free things. There’s nothing special that has to be done, and you can make a scarecrow with almost anything you have laying around. You can see all the different ideas I’ve collected below. I say do what works best for your space and go with the look you like. For me it was all doing it for FREE.

My material list:
1. 8ft. Landscape tie that I had leftover from a raised garden bed build from years ago.
1. wooden tomato stake that I used as the arms.
1. clay pot to put over the top of the post to use as a head to keep the hat on.
1. of my old garden hats.
1. dress from a garage sale.
1. denim shirt from my closet.
1. faux Forsythia strand that I made a necklace from.

DIY Rustic Garden Scarecrow

I had everything in my craft stash or somewhere in our cabin or barn. For me it was a free project and It’s more for looks than anything. I have a fence around my garden to keep the critters out. Hubby buried the post in the ground and then I went to work adding the tomato stake for the arms, then dressing it.

DIY Rustic Garden Scarecrow

Adding the clay pot to the top works really well with keeping the hat on. Where I live it is always extremely windy and I’ve had no issues with the hat blowing off. The dog freaked out when he seen it. He barked and barked thinking it was someone in his territory. For me it’s not about keeping the crows out it’s about making my garden space look pretty.

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  1. Such fun scarecrow ideas! I think my dogs (well, Max, especially) would bark, too!

  2. cute scarecrows. I’m sorry did I miss where I could get the grow bags for 1.50

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