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How To Assemble A Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

How To Assemble An Artificial Christmas Tree, Learn From My Mistakes and See How I Make It Easy And Time Saving

This is my second attempt at a Christmas tree this year. I decided to go with an artificial one, something I haven’t had in over 25 years but with the kids grown I though it would be easier on ME. No one looks forward to cutting one down, dragging it home, and decorating it anymore so I’m on my own this year. 

I went tree shopping mid November and noticed a trend, you can now get trees pre-flocked, pre-lit, and memory wire capable. Wow I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve tree shopped, I had no idea you could get all the fancy bells and whistles now. I knew I wanted a 7.5 ft tree, and loved the idea of it being pre-lit and pre-flocked, so that’s what I decided on and purchased.

I wrestled it into Jeep and away I went headed home. I was happily putting up the tree, all by myself, and once It was done I plugged it in and stepped back to admire my work. Uggg! half the lights didn’t work, and the flocking was everywhere (the flocking that’s not supposed to come off). I went through the steps of troubleshooting by changing out the fuses and trying to find that one bulb that was out and keeping that whole section from coming on. No such luck, I couldn’t find the problem.

Then all of a sudden I thought this is stupid I haven’t even used the tree for a season yet and it already doesn’t work, so down came the tree. I boxed it up and took it back to the store for a refund. I didn’t dare buy the same tree again thinking it may be just like the first one I got. 

After all that hassle I debated on trying this a second time or just skipping a tree all together this year. Well I am determined so I picked up a different tree from a different manufacture, no flocking this time (that stuff is a mess) but I did go for the pre-lit. I love the idea of not having to string lights myself, so hopefully it lasts through Christmas with everything working. I figured if I could use it for two years the cost would be the same as buy two real trees, so here’s hoping the lights on it work again next year. 

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By watching the slideshow above you can see how I assembled the Christmas tree and here are a few tips and tricks I learned along the way:

  • Place the galvanized wash bucket (or the stand) where you want the tree.
  • Insert the bottom section of the tree into the stand but don’t force the branches down yet it’s easier to add a tree skirt at this point without the branches poking you in the head. 
  • Fold down and fluff the bottom branch section.
  • Locate the plug for the lights and place it where you can see it before adding the middle tree section.
  • Add the middle tree section and plug the two light strands together then plug that into the outlet to see if both sections are working. (Don’t wait untill the entire tree was up like I did only to take it all back down again when I found the lights weren’t working)
  • Fold down and fluff the middle branch section.
  • Locate the plug again and keep it handy. (This is a big deal, once the tree is fluffed it’s almost impossible to find that darn plug again) Another way to find it easily is tie a red ribbon around it so it stands out against all that green, making it much easier to locate. 
  • Add the top portion of the tree.
  • Plug the top portion of the lights into the already connected sections and make sure the entire tree it lit.
  • Fold down and fluff the branches.
  • Now add all those beautiful decorations and stand back to admire. 

I’ll be adding my red, silver, and gold ornaments the rest of the week. I also picked up a large amount of plaid ribbon that I’m going to try and add to the tree. I always get frustrated with it, I just can’t get that pretty department store look when I try it, so we’ll see it may not happen.

I’ve never had my tree by the staircase before either so it’s something new I’m trying. So far I like the look and have ideas for decorating around it.  Come back to soon to see the fully decorated tree!

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Yes! Finding the plugs! Been there. My neighbor has a flock tree and it is a bit messy, but so pretty. Please try the plaid ribbon bows and I like the colors of the ornaments too.
    We finally have Fall or should I say Winter weather here, high 50s to the 60s during the day, feeling Christmasy here:).
    Keep warm, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen I love the look of the flocked tree too but that stuff is messy and almost sticky. I had on a pair of fleece pj bottoms and that stuff stuck to them like crazy. Yippeee for cooler temps. We’re having snow and rain mixed it a muddy mess here.

  2. Wow – sounds like quite the ordeal!! I don’t know how the flocked one looked, but this one is very pretty and I like how it looks by the stairs. I love it in the galvanized tub, too. I think if I were to purchase a larger artificial tree, that I would like it to be pre-lit, too. Christmas trees look so nice in your log home.

    1. Jen I was all about easy and the pre-lite tree is just that. I think the worst part of decorating a tree is getting the lights just right. I’m just hoping they all work again next year.

  3. Love the slideshow!….I have to admit that I got the best artificial tree ever!….two pieces and one cord. I even impressed the hubby!….Love the tree. The washtub makes a cute and practical base!

    1. Shirley I haven’t seen a two piece yet, only 3. I love easy and with the kids grown why not make it easy on myself.

  4. You picked a really good tree – I’m loving it so far. And thanks for the tips, am considering an artificial tree again so they will come in handy. Aren’t the new pre-lit ones just great!!

    1. Thank you Linda I agree artificial trees have came a long way from what they used to be and my favorite feature is the pre-lit idea. I hate to string lights.

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