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How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet Corn


How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet CornI said I wasn’t going to freeze any corn this year, but somehow hubby talked me into it. I’m to that point in my life where it’s just easier to go to the store and buy a bag of frozen corn, until we happened across this corn. 

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet CornEvery week I stop at the farmers market before I go to work. Corn sounded good so I picked up 6 ears from Bronson Farms booth. I’m always hesitant to purchase to many ears in case they’re bland and flavorless, but this stuff was amazing. It was so good I continued to buy a dozen every week. 

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet CornI started following them on Facebook and noticed they had a special going…..a bushel of sweet corn for $20. That’s when hubby talked me into it, he said he’d help with the processing so I caved and bought a bushel.

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet CornAnd true to his word with both of us working it took only 2 hours to complete the task. That included shucking the corn, cleaning up the kitchen, starting the dishwasher, and placing it in the freezer. I guess two hours of work was worth having delicious, fresh, sweet corn all winter long. 

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet Corn

Here’s the method I use for freezing corn:

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet Corn

  • Fresh picked corn works best, try and process it immediately after picking.
  • Shuck and wash corn.
  • Bring a large pot of water to a boil and boil corn for 3 minutes.
  • Plunge corn into a cold water bath, I add ice to mine but just cold tap water will work if that’s all you have. 

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet Corn

  • Once corn is cool, it takes about 3 minutes, place on your counter lined with towels to let drain.
  • Either cut corn from the cob or use a corn stripper tool, there’s several on the market just use the one you like the best. 
  • Place 2 cups of corn into a quart size bag.
  • Place quart size bags into a larger ziplock (2 gallon is what I use).
  • Freeze

How to Blanch and Freeze Sweet Corn

  • One Bushel = 20/2C bags.
  • Enjoy fresh corn all winter long. 

Step by step photo tutorial on how to blanch and freeze sweet corn the easy way. I'll share with you how many quarts of corn you'll get with one bushel of corn.

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  1. it looks delicious and you will enjoy it this winter!!!

  2. I always blanched my freezer corn until I read an article online regarding blanching vs non-blanching. The article, written by a woman who has frozen corn for over 25 years, stated that she does it both ways, and has a reason for the difference. She said that if you plan to use your frozen corn for things like salads or making salsa or other recipes that call for fresh-like kernels, use the blanching method. If you plan to use your frozen corn for cooking as a side dish or in casseroles or soups and stews, blanching is not necessary and saves a lot of freezer-prep time – simply cut it off the cob and package it. I only use mine for “cooked” type dishes and so for many years have saved myself a lot of time when fresh corn season comes around. I’ve frozen a couple of dozen ears already and plan to do more this week after I get to the farmer’s market.

  3. Cheryl Major says:

    WOW ! What an awesome deal on corn. If I see corn on sale , I will have to try your method.
    This week I am busy making your spaggetti sauce . My family loves it and I have 1 1/2 bushels of tomatoes to make into sauce. Thanks for sharing.

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