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How To Decorate A Garden Cart For Fall {Video Tutorial}

How To Decorate A Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow For Fall Video Tutorial Finally I had the time to paint and decorate that garden cart I found at a garage sale. If you remember it was red before and didn’t fit with my colors so I used leftover trim paint and now it works with the rest of the house. 

(You can watch the video above to see the how to of layering the garden cart, and what I used as fill)
How To Decorate A Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow For Fall Video Tutorial
I feel like I’m late with fall decorating this year, but just recently pumpkins, gourds, and squash started appearing in stores. I have a thing for ornamental cabbage and every fall I go in search of it. Last year I found 4 pots, and this year 6. It always amazes me when I find any at all.
How To Decorate A Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow For Fall Video Tutorial

The Maple tree the carts under is in the middle of our circle drive, and looks so pretty with it’s leaves changing and all the brightly colored pumpkins loaded in the cart. I know some of the items are squash so I may have to branch out and try a few new varieties. My favorite squash is Dumpling, but I’ve never found one I didn’t like. 

How To Decorate A Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow For Fall Video Tutorial

Our weather certainly has been crazy around here. One day it’s in the low 50’s and I have the heat on and the next day it’s 75 and I have the windows open. You can always tell when it’s fall in Michigan the residences will have shorts and flip flops on with a hoodie, we just don’t know how to dress the weather changes so often. dawn

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  1. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Dawn, mid to high 90s at the end of the week, it’s been a warm October here. Hinting that it’ll be in the 80s next week, one can only hope. I like how you use pots as fillers and blend with the trim color too. Who doesn’t like a squash or gourds, especially in the Fall. Parked against your Maple tree, perfect setting for the cart full of Autumnal goodness. Love the video, Kathleen in Az

    1. Kathleen wow that’s still hot. I’m thankful for our cooler days now. I always look forward to our season changes, yet I’m always ready for the next one.

  2. Very pretty. I love the ornamental kale and cabbages. I have yet to try any, they add such a lovely layer of color along with the pumpkins and gourds.
    I have an old wheel barrow I need to try and decorate with, you just reminded me of it. Thank you. We got a torrential rain over the weekend that knocked many of the colorful leaves off the trees but there is still some loveliness left. to enjoy.

    1. Pam we had rain too and the leaves are coming down. We’re not into our peak color time yet, that should be next week but the tree above the cart is already a bright orange, so it changed that much in a week’s time.

  3. I’ve been waiting to see what you’d do with that cute wagon that you got for a song and I’m not disappointed. I love how you added in the ornamental grass and cabbages – it’s so unique and the colors are really pretty together. I especially like how you did a video for us – it makes it so much easier to see how to do it. I would have never guessed that you’d used the containers upside down as filler. Clever!!
    I’m enjoying our vacillating Michigan temps. I was tired of the hot days, but after having some cool ones, I’m much more happy to see some warm ones.

    1. Jen I decided using containers I had was cheaper than adding pumpkins as fill. I like the cooler temps too. I’ve broke out my warm slippers and throws, lol.

      1. Me too…even the electric throw has been getting some use.

        1. Jen I have mine on the bed but haven’t used it yet.

  4. Great job on the cart. Really looks nice. It’s still in the 90’s here and we are all ready for cooler temps.

    1. Debbie I think we’ve seen the end of warm days here, we’re on a downhill slide now with the temps. Was 44 this morning when I got up.

  5. I am glad we are still having the heat here in Mich as I know what is ahead for us!!! I agree it has been too hot. Love the garden cart and you put it together so nicely…..fall is a beautiful season

    1. Jeanie, I’m so thankful it’s over now. High of 73 here today and I’m loving it.

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