How to Fix a Dead or Bricked iPhone

Hubby came home late last night after I was already in bed and said his phones screen had went black and it wouldn’t turn on or show any signs of life when on the charging dock.  And that’s not the best of it. He has never backed it up and his whole life is on the phone.
 I first tried the easiest method of bringing a iPhone back to life.
Hold the on/off button and the home button together for 15 seconds. (This normally works to restore or reboot it)
Now I was getting worried, I figured it had “bit the dust” and he would need a new phone.
Well this morning when I got up, I decided to do some further research and found a video for another fix to try.
Let me tell you, I laughed, thinking there is no way this will work.  Well it did…
Blow into the Head Phone Jack and the Charging Port.
Then use the above method of holding the On/Off Button and the Home Button for 15 seconds.
Like magic the phone came back to life.
Who would have thought that blowing on your phone could revive it.  I guess it just needed a little mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Try this before you purchase a new phone.  I’m so glad I did.

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  1. Same hack kiddos used on Nintendo games that glitched………. blow in them, then they will work!

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